Pongo’s Return!

7 men came out to Davis Lake to start their day off the best way we know how!

The chitter/chatter was running strong as my watch ticked over to 5:30am.  YHC could hardly hear himself think……So a quick, loud “Lets Go” got us started!  I didn’t bother to look behind and see if the Pax were following.  After almost 2 years of F3 YHC has realized that if you point an F3 man in a direction and say jump, he jumps in that direction!

Mosey about 1/2 a mile down to the Harris Teeter Parking lot.

Pongo quickly realized that Chik-a-fil-a was also in that parking lot!  His energy soared!  But his was badly disappointed when we did not go in for a nice juicy breakfast burrito…..

Warm up

  1. SSH x 15
  2. Squat x 15
  3. IST x 15
  4. Windmill x 15

Partner up

Partner 1 – Sprint 200 yards to end of parking lot – 20 Merkins – Sprint back

Partner 2 – Run into little park area – 20 Dips – Spiderman merkins run back

Flap Jack

Partner Push down 4 light poles

Partner pull back

Repeato x 3

Mosey back to parking lot.  Mary exercises every 500 yards on the way back

Mother Goose entertained us the whole way back with his “Pick-Up line” jokes!  For the under-read of the group, the Harry Potter jokes went straight over their heads.  And NO, watching the movie does not count…..I relieved the tension by throwing in a Chuck Norris joke.  Always a crowd pleaser 😉

Circle up for 5 more minutes of mary.

The Moldy Moleskin;

  1. Great atmosphere in this Pax!  Definitely not a quiet moment when we were circled up, or otherwise.  Seems like the 2ndF is flowing strong at this AO!  Though YHC did have to continually ask the pax to count rather than swap recipes all morning……
  2. Congo returned from a 3 week hiatus and pushed hard!  Good to have you back brother!
  3. The Farm questioned whether I forced Pongo to go to workouts??  I simply ask the question brother.
  4. Good to meet Mother Goose and Point Break, though I believe I met Point Break at my last Q at DL.
  5. Mother Goose definitely needs to put some of that talking energy into Q’ing a beatdown!  I expect to see this happen in the very near future!
  6. Chicken Strip told us that we can read the Mud Run pre blast, if we can access his draft of it??  All I can say is……WTF????  hit the publish button brother!!
  7. The Farms wife is trying to recreate authentic Tasmanian Bread for my Dad when he visits in a couple of weeks.  Tastings will be every morning at 7:00 at The Farms house.  All F3 men are invited!  See you there!

8 thoughts on “Pongo’s Return!

  1. The Farm

    @Chicken Strip, if we can read other people’s drafts, can we also edit others’ backblasts? Scratch #7 off this list.

    Solid beatdown @Dingo. Appreciate you coming out to lead. I’ll be out your way soon. Good partnering with you and @Pongo.

    I agree about @Goose. He will be in Q condition in no time!

    1. Chicken Strip

      You can see the drafts others have posted out there, I didn’t realize you couldn’t click on them to read the content. Either way, the pre-blast is published for all to see now.

  2. Chicken Strip

    One of my favorite moments of the workout: As Pongo and I are running along Davis Lake Parkway to the shopping center, Pongo asks “Is this a running workout?” That’s how you know you’re doing it right @Dingo.

    Great push @Pongo, great to have you back out. Coming off a hiatus is tough.

    Great teaming up with you this morning @Mother Goose. I echo @Dingo’s comments, can’t want to see you Q your own workouts soon.

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