Is this the Braves game?

17 men joined together to see who was the Q. Well you guessed it, me. Since I failed to extent the dates on Sign Up Genius and no one could sign up because of this, I felt oblegated to take it.

Short disclosure was recited and then we off.

SSH x20
IST x10
Windmill x10
Merkin Warmup x25

Run to wall on Parkway

Partner Up for the following

Muscle Ups x10
Squats x15
4 sets

Wall Sits till partner finishes
Bicycle x20
4 sets

Run in the dark to somewhere

Circle Merk 5 or 6 rounds
Circle Squat 5 or 6 rounds (for some reason the Wave started like we were at the Braves game)

Run to Club House parking lot

Partner Up again

Partner carry to other side of parking lot
10 Burpees OYO
10 partner durkins
Partner carry back to starting point
3 Rounds

Run back to car lot for MARY

Low dolly
Low flutter
Homer to Marge
Mason twist

-Well that was a fun morning of exercises. Glad to know Chopper was happy to see me, always a pleasure to drag you around the AO.
-Welcome to our FNG Wes who was EH’ed by Bishop Swirl after only joining us a couple weeks ago.
-Somehow the circle squat turned into the Wave. Not sure who startesd that one
-Whats up with the double lesh on the scottish terrier the ols Tomato was walking this morning. Anyone else catch that?

1 thought on “Is this the Braves game?

  1. Charmin

    @ Colonel – Think @ponyboy get the credit/blame for the wave. Is that the first wave in F3 history?

    The burpees/partner carry/derkins was brutal. Heart rate was up high on that one. Well done.

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