17 Burley Men

17 of Tradition’s elite gathered in the gloom for a beatdown.  Little did they know that they would become Burley men after we combined a Bobbly Hurley + Burpee = Burley.  Okay, you had to be there.  Here’s how things went down:


Mosey to Warmorama
Side Straddle Hop x20
Imperial Storm Troopers x20
Cotton Pickers x20
Wind Mills With A Twist X20

Mosey to 1st corner of church
10 Burleys
Lunge to next corner
Bear Crawl to next corner
High Knees to next corner
Bunny Hop to Next corner
10 Burleys
Run backward to next corner
10 Mountain Climbers
Side Run to Next Corner
10 Squats
Side run to next corner
10 Burleys
Run backwards to next corner
10 Mountain Climbers
Bunny Hop to next corner

Mosey to Outback
10 Pull ups
Run to top of Hill
10 merkens
Run back
10 chin ups
Run to top of Hill
10 merkens

Run to top of Hill
10 Burpees
Run back
10 LBC’s
Repeato X2

Plank Crawl

Mosey to Mary
Mason Twist x20

Fantasy Football Sign up – Contact Prison Fruit


1. Thank you, Pax, for the opportunity to Q this morning.

2. Well done, Pax, for showing up and getting out into the gloom.  Your presence this morning makes a difference.

6 thoughts on “17 Burley Men

  1. Guinness Post author

    Thanks, Prison Fruit. Got it! Way to go pushing it this morning. You pulled me along and I was Q’ing.

  2. Buckwheat

    Solid beatdown @Guinness. Way to keep us moving with good variety. Good attempt at creativity w/ the Burleys. You can’t fool the Tradition Pax by disguising burpees though. They still suck w/ the added jump shot!

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