Happy Ladder Day!

21 of F3’s finest laced it up today in the gloom.

Mosey to COP

20 x SSH

20 x IST

15 x Windmills

10 X Merkins

The Thang

Mosey to the end of the parking lot to the small hill.

8 -1 Ladder

Jump Squats at the top and Merkins at the bottom.

Mosey up the street but stop along the way to do 15 x Air Squats.

Mosey to the elementary school playground

Suicide Ladder –

Run to end of playground do 10 Merkins, run back do 10 LBC’s, Run to end again to do 10 Plank Jacks, run back to do 10 reverse crunches. This completes round 1.

Repeat as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes but add 5 to each exercise on each round.

This went a lot faster than anticipated so we moseyed down the street and pick up some rocks.

15 curls, 15 rock presses, then Gordo had us do 10 scull crushers, Smokey had us do 10 tricep curls.

Then we ran a lap around the parking lot and did 10 offset Merkins with right hand on rock. Another lap and did 10 offset Merkins with left hand on rock.

Mosey up the hill to the concession stand. 2 rounds of dips and peoples chair w/air press, 20 reps each.

formed 2 lines and di an Indian run to Mary. Still had 10 minutes left.

We did a people Mary with mountain climbers, hello dollies, mason twist, W’s, low flutters, merkins, etc. Can’t remember the rest.

All I know is that I heard a lot of moaning at the end. This tells me it was a good workout.

I was proud to lead the group this morning and look forward to doing this again very soon.

2 thoughts on “Happy Ladder Day!

  1. Gordo

    @sandman, thanks for leading the workout. It was great. My first lead by you.

    @kool aid and @thorn, you set a tough pace in the suicide later.

  2. McFeely

    @sandman Good tough workout! Glad I didn’t eat anything this morning else that Indian Run would have made it return. The suicide ladder was quite rough also!

    Thanks to all for making it a good first week at F3! I should have posted a longtime ago, but instead tried my own thing at the Y and P90x. This feels completely different!

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