F3 Concord – Rearranging the Furniture

Jog the whole parking lot
Hi Kicks
Butt Kickers
Hi Knees
Circle of Pain
Side Straddle Hops (SSH) 20x
Imperial Storm Troopers (IST) 15x
Cotton Pickers 15x
Mountain Climbers 20x

The Thang
Rock Launch across corner field
Rock Launch back across field
Run with rock down to shed
curls with rock 20x

Leave rock and acquire cylinder block
At picnic Shelter Military Presses 20x
run with cylinder block to parking lot out front
Lateral rows with Cylinder block 20x

leave cylinder block and acquire gravel bag
Around the globe (lift bag from ground, swing around head, put back down) 20x
Run with Bag up to rock pile
Turkish Get-Ups 8

Leave gravel bag and pick up rock
Skull Crushers 20x
Run with Rock down to shed
Goblet Squats 20x

Leave Rock and acquire another Cylinder Block
Run with block to hill behind Church
Jacob’s ladder:
Quadraphilia up hill
5 burpies
Quadraphilia down hill
1 merkin
Run with block back to shed (and put away) and Acquire rock
Run with Rock back to rock pile
Military Press – 20X
Put Rock away and acquire gravel bag
Gravelbag swins 20x
Run with bag back to loading dock
put gravel bags away and acquire cylinder blocks
situps with feet in blocks 20x
Run with cylinder block back to shed
Military press 20x

Put blocks away and acquire rocks
Run with rocks back rock pile
Rock Launch across field
Rock curls 20x
Put rocks away for Mary

LBCs 60x
Brazillians 20x

Kudos to 5 pain -hunry men who brought the effort on a Saturday when they could have been fart-sacking with the rest of you dogs.
Little bit o’ rain but no regrets drinking through our skin.
Mud, sweat, and a campus full of craters,,. We are ALIVE!

Thx for the honor of letting me beat you down.


2 thoughts on “F3 Concord – Rearranging the Furniture

  1. Schnitzel

    @Cupid – loved the workout, great variation with running, moving rocks/blocks hinder and yonder. Thanks for waiting a minute or two for me, not sure how you knew I was coming but… I was close to fart-sacking, got out of bed, wondered around, heard thunder, laid back down, didn’t go back to sleep and didn’t hear thunder :)…
    @PAX – think about convergence to Rolling Stone, near Poplar Tent and Harris Road, at the Odell Elem School. One year anniversary coming up.

  2. Schnitzel

    I saw Pox tonight, and he said the Rolling Stone AO 1 year anniversary is Tues 9/8. All are welcome, it is Odell Elementary, 1215 Moss Farm St. 5:30am.

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