You Guys Ready?

18 Hard Chargers joined in the gloom to see what YHC had to offer


Run to Back Parking Lot


SSH x19
Squats x15
Windmill x15
MerkinWarmUp (60 Merkins) OHYEAH~!
Merkin x5
Wide Merkin x5
Diamond Merkin x5
Staggered Merkins – Right x5
Staggered Merkins – Left x5
Carolina Dry Dock x5

Run to back of Middle School

Ring of Fire:
Bear Crawl
Bear Crawl
Plank Jack
Bear Crawl
Jump Squats

Run to the Baseball Field

Partner up for following:
Partner Derkins x15
Jump Squats x10
Repeato x4

Mosey to Bleachers

Dips x12, x10, x8, x6, x4, x2
LBC x12, x10, x8, x6, x4, x2

Run to front of school parking lot

side to side hops over stripe
front to back hops over stripe
scissor kick over stripe

MARY in Parking Lot

Low Dolly
Reverse Crunch
Mason Twist

– Awesome to see everyone out this morning. I didn’t get the high numbers that Stoli had so I guess I will have to settle for 2nd for the week.
– Note to self once again, don’t let Chowder and Chopper join forces in a group. No one can hear and no one will do the full set of exercises.
– Look for communication on MECA wide Labor Day convergence in the next day or two.

2 thoughts on “You Guys Ready?

  1. McFeely

    Not sure if it was the Partner Derkins or the Bear Crawl, but woke up very aware of my shoulders this morning!

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