Fun With Bricks

13 of the finest men awake at 5am on a Thursday morning took to the Rolling Stones AO for a little friendly workout. Inspired by a lack of a plan and Whatley’s prompting that the bricks were collecting dust, I figured we would incorporate them in our workout.

Circle Up:

SSH IC x20, 15 Karate Kid’s each leg x 15, Merkin IC x 15, Mountain Climber IC x 10

Partner up and Grab a Brick. Run to the Rock at the middle school, alternating who would run with the brick.

Upon Arriving at the Brick, each group did accumulative 200 incline Merkins. While one partner was doing Merkins, the other partner bear crawled up the hill and back, until done.

Next up Decline Merkins on the Brick x100 while partner sprinted to the fence and back.

Since its been awhile since we have had a Beatdown at the Middle School I thought it would be best to go for a running tour around the building for old times sake. Running past the Diesel Smells of the bus lot, through the gloom next to the wall, running through deep gravel, past the Chuck Norris Memorial Enclave back to the spot. While one partner was running, the other partner laid down on the ground while pressing the brick.

Once each guy had completed the run, circled up for some Mary (High and Low Flutter and Scissor Kicks plus a low hold 6 inches from the ground while Sparknut gave us a “Louisiana 10 count” followed by some pretzel crunches

Then running back to starting point

It was a great time leading you gentlemen. I always appreciate the opportunity to lead. It pushes me to go harder, and I am never let down by the level in which you guys respond. I love you guys and the way we encourage each other.

I want to exhort each of us to love those that are not easy for us to love. This is something I am personally working on. It’s easy to love those that are like us, and those that have the same preferences as us. But, how many of us can respond to the hard to love people in a loving way?

Let’s hold each other accountable to be lead well. No matter whom the Lord puts in our path, let us shine on for His Glory!

3 thoughts on “Fun With Bricks

  1. Schnitzel

    @Hula, well done – the amount of fog on my glasses is my gauge for the workout intensity, and I couldn’t see a dang thing during the brick press #isSummerOverYet.
    @Sugar – as always, good partnering with you, sorry to slow us down on the bear crawl, but you know about me and hills.
    @Waterboy, welcome back.
    @PAX, cool seeing everybody’s RS shirts. I guess we’re official.

  2. WaterBoy

    Great workout hula and great to see you too schnitzel. Great beatdown. Traveling next week so feel free to call me out on Twitter. See you gents in a week!

  3. Marie Calendar

    Late entry but nice job, Hula. The school seemed bigger than I remember it on the running tour. Thanks for partnering up, Law Dawg.

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