Nein Ten

21 men ventured into the gloom in search of untapped resources that Skywalker has to offer.  Unfortunately for the PAX, YHC knew just where to look… the awesomely terrible hills of hole #10.

  • Disclaimer: Check
  • COP warm up: Check
  • Let’s mosey, Cackalacka Choo Choo along the way

Seems like a typical trajectory toward the park until the Q takes an unexpected turn into the darkness.  Is he lost?  Trying to hide?  Just plain crazy?  All are valid thoughts until we reach the 10th tee box where we face a quite impressive set of hills.  PAX now realizes that Q is crazy but all decide to follow along anyways.

The Thang

  • Partner up with someone of equal ability.  Perform 1 set of exercises at top of each hill and 1 in the valley between.  15x pat-a-cake merkins, 15x partner throw downs, & 15x lunges (each leg).  Decrease rep count by 1 each round.
  • Rinse and repeat until time is called.

Mosey back to the parking lot for


  • Pretzel crunch x15 each side
  • Side Crunch x15 each side
  • LBC x30
  • Recover



  1. Thankfully none of the PAX tumbled down the hill like the all the tee shots that come up short on this hole.  (Yes, I know this happens from personal experience.)
  2. Welcome FNG Troy and Ranger.  Great to have you guys out there with us.  See you Friday!
  3. I think BS was called as soon as we stopped and faced the hills of #10.  These hills are just too perfect to pass up.  #QWin
  4. Prayers for Google and family as they travel tomorrow for his father’s funeral.  Stay strong brother.
  5. The Shield is tonight at 8.  Hope you all are able to attend!


5 thoughts on “Nein Ten

  1. Sugar

    Nice one today @Grinder! You’re right I WAS glad not to go down the big hill until…..HOLE 10! Just proof that Skywalker has has a lot more hidden pain to deliver!

    Great to see more FNGs and newer guys continuing to post!

    Skywalker PAX: would love to see some of you guys at Rolling Stone (WR Odell Elementary, Tue/Thur). WE HAVE FLAT GROUND!!

  2. Schnitzel

    @Grinder good workout, I gauge it by the amount of fog on my glasses, and today I couldn’t see the big hill @passTheMerlot. Malware and I were thinking of swiping a golf cart for that hill, but we figured even the cart would have trouble.
    @Malware, good partnering with you. We timed the callout for ‘recover’ perfectly.
    @Sugar, catch you at Rolling Stone, and all Skywalkers are welcome, just up the road a bit at Odell, and there’s NO HILLS!

  3. Grinder Post author

    The gloom did a good job hiding the magnitude of the 2nd hill until you start the climb. It almost sounds like you guys have something against massive hills… what’s up with that?!?!

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