Prison Yard Games

An Olde English 8 Ball of men met at #Precinct today to play some prison yard cards. Grab a prison weight (cinder block, cb) and circle up.

The Thang:

Card Deck:  Diamonds = Mericans (dealer choice); Hearts = CB swings; Clubs = CB squats; Spade = Mary (dealer choice)

# of reps = # on card, except 2 is double next card; 3 = sprints;  4 = overhead CB walk to wall for muscle ups; Jack = Plank jacks x 10

We completed:

CB Squats x 73

CB Swings x 39

Mericans x 36

Various Mary x 59

Muscle ups x 40

Plank Jack x 30

40 yd sprints x 10

Finished up with 1 minute mericans; 1 minute sit-ups; 2 minute sprints

Prisoners Journal:

1.  It sure seems like we did a lot more than what’s tallied above.  Anyway, YHC was feeling quite smoked after all was completed and enjoyed the perfect morning temps to break a sweat.  #prisonyardairconditioning

2.  The @Closer had a lot of great ideas today about how to spread world peace.  #classicCloser  Actually, he did have a great suggestion about welcoming foreign exchange students from UNCC.  @Closer – please provide details in the Comment section.

3.  Not only can @FieldofDreams design an awesome baseball stadium, and make a badass shovel flag, he can also come up with the winning design of the newest F3 t-shirt!  Soon available for purchase will be the Precinct branded F3 shirt.  #talent

4.  Speaking of t-shirts, @IronWolf had an awesome shirt on this morning.  If you’ve ever wondered how to sport such a manly shirt, wonder no more… And $3 off your order because that’s the kind of guy @IronWolf is.  #solid

5.  @HotWheels lured the final Sun & Ski Flashmob 5K to the #Precinct!  Well, walking distance at least.  It’s happening this Thursday (9/3) at the Saxonbury entrance to the greenway in Wellington at 6pm.  #freeandfun5K



3 thoughts on “Prison Yard Games

  1. Man Down

    Great Q (as always) Skipper! I agree, it def felt like we did more than the numbers show. I think the post-Murph muscle fatigue played a part.
    p.s. Will someone PLEASE demonstrate a proper Windmill (aka Don Quijote) for Prison Fruit! 🙂

  2. Trail Mix

    The 2x sprints sucked (luck of the draw)… so did the 2 minute sprints… so did the muscle ups + overhead carry back & forth… great beatdown!

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