Crushed by Mamaburst

The Pax were 27 strong for Stoli’s return from F3 run club.

The Thang:

Mosey MS parking lot, backward run accross the middle lot, skip across bottom lot, mosey up to bus lot.

COP: SSH x 25, Imperial storm trooper x 15, mountain climber x 15, air squats x 15

Chibatta/Mamaburst workout:

20 sec on/ 20 sec rest – 4 exercises x 4 sets Exercises: Clapping merkins, snowboard switches, low merkin position plankjacks, plank feet-to-hands

Mosey to bottom of bus lot. 4 groups, indian run up the lot and back.

Staying in the 4 groups: Group 1 – 10 pullups, Group 2 – walking planks across the width of the bus lot, Group 3 – 10 burpees, Group 4 – run the back driveway to the far trailer ramp, then across trailers, down the back ramp. Rinse and repeat for 15 minutes.

Mosey to lower parking lot for Mary.

Mary (led by Hammer)

Mason Twist, The W, Dying Cockroach x 15

The Moleksin:

1. The M does a workout video series at home called Mamaburst, which inspired my choice exercises in this morning’s chiabatta. I get pulled in every once in awhile to do the workouts and am humbled everyday. Awesome 20 minute workout. The creator/owner and his wife I believe are up in Cornelius or Huntersville and may also have started the Burn Bootcamps some of the M’s have joined.

2. Walking planks… awful.

3. YHC appreciated the break from F3 run club. Have not posted a bootcamp since Google ripped my calf muscle into pieces. Glad to share the gloom with you all and meet many new faces. Everyone put out a heck of an effort.

4. Gump made an announcement on a new community volunteer opportunity to serve those with ALS by assisting with yard and house work. Please email Gump directly if you’re interested ( More info to come.

Have a great day,


4 thoughts on “Crushed by Mamaburst

  1. Google

    @Stoli.. Great Beatdown as always! Mamaburst is no joke. I still can’t believe new moms are doing hand clap merkins! Glad to see you back out there and sorry for busting up that Achilles.

    Thanks to the PAX for all the kinds words and prayers these last couple of weeks. It has definitely helped lift the spirits of my family.

    Great push from everyone! Welcome to all the FNG’s!!

  2. Gump

    Great beatdown, hard for those that needed and could do it and small AO to keep us IR’s and FHG’s included.

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