An Anti-Jelly Lube WIB

14 of Tradition’s most dedicated showed up a day after The Murph for YHC’s poorly planned WIB featuring Mucho Chesto and an anti-Jelly Lube penalty.

No FNG’s present, but full disclaimer given anyway. Anti-Jelly Lube penalty explained (5 burpees for all Pax if someone is called out for Jelly Lubing). Definition of Jelly Lube provided. Mosey to back parking lot. Care to venture a guess as to who was called out first for Jelly Lubing? No need to guess, I’ll tell you. It was not the usual suspect. Rather, it was the chief anti-Jelly Lube activist @Coyote whom YHC called out during warmups no less….

Warm Up COP:

Windmill X12IC
Cotton Picker X12IC
Shoulder Stretch
Arm Circles

Form two lines. Double Indian Run around perimeter of parking lot. Circle up in back lot again for:

Mericans X10 (5 IC)
Diamond Mericans X10 (5 IC)
Wide Grip Mericans X10 (5 IC)
Stagger Mericans Left X10 (5 IC)
Stagger Mericans Right X10 (5 IC)

Mosey to back right corner of church and partner up. Demo given for all exercises.
Do 10 Bobby Hurley’s each. Mosey to next corner.
Do 10 Partner throw downs each. Mosey to next corner.
Do 10 Partner get ups or pull ups each (5 each arm). Mosey to next corner.
1-5 Jack Webb ladder (mericans and air presses). Mosey to next corner.
REPEATO around church until time is called.

@Coyote must’ve been had his spidey senses working after YHC called him out for Jelly Lubing during warmups as he spotted @Forgotten Jelly a full corner ahead doing toe touch jump ups instead of actual Bobby Hurley’s. I observed this after it was pointed out, just to make sure @Coyote wasn’t picking on @Forgotten Jelly. Thus, a 5 burpee penalty was imposed on all Pax. Crowd Pleaser!

Low Flutter X13IC
Low Dolly X14IC
The W X16IC
Pretzel Crunch X10IC (left) X9IC (right)
#Q’sFUZZYMATH was in full effect during MARY.

Sweaty Moleskin:

1) Pleasure to lead this morning, men. Enjoyed it!
2) It wasn’t the most creative beatdown, but it seemed to quell the mumble chatter which is always a good sign.
3) Strong work by all this morning.
4) Good partnering with you @Ribshack.
5) I don’t know about ya’ll, but my chest is SMOKED right now.
6) Thoughts and prayers go out to the Nations Ford Church family as their pastor accidently shot and killed himself while cleaning his weapon this past weekend.

21 thoughts on “An Anti-Jelly Lube WIB

  1. Buckwheat Post author

    Oh yeah, I forgot the random stray dog that joined us for pre-beatdown fellowship and our warmup. Thanks for joining us, buddy. Hope you find your home safely!

    Sound off below.

  2. Coyote

    “Jelly Lubing” the warm ups….I was shocked more than anything! Didn’t realize that holding a hamstring stretch while cotton pickers (a hamstring stretch) were going on was considered Jelly Lubing!!

    I’ll do better next time πŸ™‚

    1. The Farm

      Man this backblast made me laugh. I love that out of ALL the pax that could’ve been called out first, @Coyote, the professional, was first…during warm ups no less!

      1. Coyote

        Look if my hamstring stretch instead of cotton pickers is really what this rule is about, then I’ll own it…pretty sure that if we are going to start being so picky like that though, guys are really going to start to hate me….DON’T POKE THE FORM POLICE BEAR!!!!

        PS: there were a lot more burpees that were due today than the 5 I called out…no more holding back!

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice one this morning. My chest is smoked too. I liked that you added the anti-jelly lube penalty. Perhaps that should be standard. Glad I wasn’t the first to be called out. Didn’t realize my bobby hurlies were so bad. Will have to work on that.

    1. GentleGrizzly

      Thanks for partnering this morning FJ. I’m glad to know I’m on the same fitness level as you now.

  4. Buckwheat Post author

    @Cotote- You have a semi-valid point that holding a hamstring stretch instead of doing the called exercise is not exactly a jelly lube. However, since you weren’t doing the exercise at hand, I figured it was appropriate to impose a sanction, Mr. Professional. As any good leader would do, I had to set the tone for the beatdown!

    1. Coyote

      Oh so no more modifying?????????

      Isn’t that what we preach??? I’ll own it I’m just saying I think we were a little nitpicky right off the bat πŸ™‚

      But don’t worry, I have the Q on Friday for KB so I’ll be sure to include all the burpees that will come with the jelly Lubing!

  5. Buckwheat Post author

    @FJ- I only noticed the lack of proper form on that last set. We all get a little lax sometimes and can use some accountability, especially near the end of a good beatdown!

    1. Forgotten Jelly

      No worries brother. It’s all good. If my form is off, then call it out. Don’t need to get injured.

  6. Buckwheat Post author

    @Coyote- Poor form and modifying exercises is not considered jelly lubing per the definition (see below), nor is not physically being able to complete all full reps. So, we used the penalty improperly this morning. This was all in good fun, of course, until your feelings got hurt…

    “JELLY LUBE: The uncanny ability of some PAX to finish ALL exercises first by doing less than the required amount while claiming full completion. Generally, the JellyLuber thinks nobody notices what he is up to.”

    If it will make you feel better, I will do 10 burpees this afternoon as a penalty for utilizing the sanction improperly. Feel free to impose whatever discipline you wish on the Pax iwhen you Q, brother ;-)!

    1. Forgotten Jelly

      Thanks for including the definition @buckwheat. Glad we have that now. Hopefully we will all now understand what is considered “jellylube.” Messing up form isn’t it. Stretching isn’t it. Hopefully we won’t forget that in the future.

      1. Coyote

        I think that if form isn’t corrected after a form police correction, we could keep the burpee penalty πŸ™‚

  7. Buckwheat Post author

    @Coyote- 15 burpees it is. Will lyk this evening when they get done!

    And I’m fine w/ keeping a penalty for failing to correct form after being called out, but let’s not call it an anti-Jelly Lube penalty so as not to cause any future confusion.

    @FJ- Agree – any rules should be applied to all PAX.

  8. Dingo

    Great to see @Glacier and @Neon becoming regulars! I look forward to meeting @LawandOrder! Interesting name?!

  9. GentleGrizzly

    I brought up that @Glacier needs to change his name since Obama changed the name of the mountain that his name was derived from. He suggested Puddle because of global warming, haha.

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