Size matters

21 of Highlands, Tradition and Skywalker PAX got out of the sack to workout and fellowship in nice comfortable humidity and temperature morning.

The Thang:

Mosey around the lower parking lot


  • STH – 20 IC
  • mountain Climbers – 15 IC
  • windmill – 15 IC
  • IST – 15 IC
  • sumo squats – 15 IC
  • Merkins – 15 IC

Mosey to school parking lot.  Partner up – size matters.

  • Line up at the first basket ball goal.
  • Frog hop with your partner to the third goal
  • Wheel barrel to the forth basketball goal (last). Swap and wheel barrel back to the third basketball goal.
  • Run to the second basket ball goal and do 10 burpees each. Run back to the first (starting place) basketball goal.
  • repeato!

Start Mosey to rail, high knees some, skip some and mosey and partner up:

  • Partner 1 plank while Partner 2 does dips with legs on P1’s back. 15 Reps. 3 sets per partner.
  • When done, do the Al Gore with active tree hugging.

Mosey back to bus parking lot.

  • Line up at electrical post before nearest basketball goal. :
  • Partner push (P1 pushes, P2 resists)
  • Switch at 1st goal
  • 2nd goal, change to partner pull (P1 pulls while P2 resists)
  • Switch at 3rd goal.
  • Partner derkins- 10 reps, 2 sets each partner.
  • Partners Lift ups- 10 each arm, 1 set per partner

Partner relays. Line up at first goal, P1 runs to 4th goal and back, while P2 rests. Swap. Repeat 2 times.

Mosey to nearest wall:  People’s chair with 15 air presses IC

Mosey back to parking lot for Mary


  • Freddie Mercury – 15 IC
  • pretzel crunch – 16 IC
  • rosalita – 16 IC
  • LBC – 10 IC


  • Enjoyed as usual leading the workout today.  The Lexicon police was out today reminding me to not “release” but to allow the PAX to “recover”.
  • Big welcome to our FNGs – Mike and Steve!  Also, for those away that have been away and for those “new”, didn’t you feel great being out there?  Hope you did and it was worth while!
  • Announcement: BRR team is looking for an additional driver.  Great second F opportunity!





5 thoughts on “Size matters

  1. Gordo Post author

    Great job everyone out there! We counted out 20 at the end including those we think left early, but I thought we had an odd number. Sound off if I missed someone!

    @Genie, thanks for partnering up with me today. Great job out there. You mentioned you have the wedding in October… is that yours?!

  2. Alcatraz

    @Gordo, great job today! I think @BlackSheep was among the faithful this morning. Not that anyone will ever call him by his hospital name again, but @BishopSwirl is Mark.

    Remember @Google as those who are caring for his father are saying hours, not days.

  3. The Nanny

    @Gordo You threw in some good leg work today that sneaked up on me. Those frog hops were very tough by the second round. Sprints and people’s chair…. just what a #BRR bound Highlander needs to keep his legs ready for 208 miles of abuse! Thanks?!

    @Alcatraz Love the name you came up with. Don’t think we ever have to worry about someone in another region getting the same name…

    @Chowder You showed up so late even Stoli would be impressed.

  4. Coyote

    Don’t forget about the Lone Traditioner!!

    This was the first time I have come over to highlands since being back at F3 and definitely a good beatdown and great group of guys!

    Strong work by @Brinkley and great pushing with you today brother!

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