Kill the Shoulders

It felt good out there this morning. Humidity and temperature are dropping. 9 brave faithful dragged themselves out of the fartsack. Last week Watley said he’d rather do merkins all day than run. What he meant was “we need some upper body pain.” Being the people pleaser that I am, I did not want to disappoint.

Mosey: with side to side line hops down the driveway to the playground, side to side hops over the balance beam, crawl through the “thing”, more balance beam hops, circle up at basketball court

Warm up in cadence:

*SSH X 15

*Windmill X 15

*Arm Circles X 10 regular X 10 large circles

*Imperial Squat Trooper X 10

The Thang: 

Partner Up at the basketball court

*Crack to the back (hand-stand) while your partner sprints across the basketball court, to the fence, and back



Each team combined total:

*100 Carolina dry dock

*100 Merkin

*100 Air Press w/ peoples chair

While your partner: Bear crawls to the fence, crab walk back


*200 LBC while your partner sprints the fence and back


Mosey to the retention wall:

*15 Step ups each leg on your own

*Decline merkin X 10, lap around the parking lot

*Incline merkin X 10, another lap

*Dip X 10, another lap





Pax choice: Watley- Freddie Mercury, Hula- The W, Foxy- Low Flutter, Fertelli- Pretzel crunch, LawDawg- One legged dead lift, Schnitzel- Mason twist

Moleskin: Great work men! I appreciate you guys more than you know. It’s always an honor and a joy to be out killing myself with you. Watley, thanks for pushing the Q. Thank you to the faithful that keep pushing. I look forward to getting stronger with you guys. New guys- Roundhouse and Three, great work out there. It’s hard, but it’s worth it. BTW: I’m don’t have contact info for Roundhouse and not sure if he’s getting the email. Does anyone have contact info for him?

Prayer: Happy is having foot issues that are keeping him out of the gloom indefinitely. Watley lost his grandmother. Keep their family in your prayers.

4 thoughts on “Kill the Shoulders

  1. Marie Calendar

    Sorry I missed it, I know Sparknut always brings the pain…heading for SkyWalker in the morning if any Stoners want to join me…

    1. Sparknut Post author

      I don’t know about bringing pain, but I do know took some with me from the workout.

  2. Schnitzel

    @Sparknut, well done, you crammed a lot of stuff in 45 minutes. You must get that from Pox. Thanks for dialing in cooler weather for today, maybe its a trend.
    @MC, I’m a maybe for Skywalker tomorrow.
    @Whatley, thoughts and prayers for your family.

  3. The Farm

    Looks like a solid beatdown Sparknut! @Lawdawg has @Roundhouse’s email addy! I’ll send him the link today to get signed up for the daily email. #EHerresponsibilities

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