Davis Lake does Tabata and finds out head lamps are needed now

5 Davis Lake F3ers shook off the fartsack and took the DRP to take on a tabata and circuit workout. This is one of those workouts without a lot of cadence or counted exercises so it’s a great opportunity for you to push yourself in a you vs. you mental challenge as well as physical challenge. Here’s how it went down:


Short mosey to play ground

SSH x 15

Mount Climbers x 15

Plank Jacks x 15 (this was for Mother Goose but he didn’t post this morning)

Tabata: 20 sec exercise & 10 sec rest

1st round (12 sets):

1. Mericans

2. Jump Squats

3. WWII Sit-ups

2nd round (12 sets):

1. Carolina Dry Docks

2. Lunges

3. LBCs

Circuit w/ 4 stations:

1. Playground: Mericans x 20

2. Hill on the other side of the road: Quadraphelia, Burpees x 5

3. Dock: LBCs x 20

4. Hill on the other side of the road: Quadraphelia, Burpees x 5

Repeato (3-5 circuits, I lost count)

Cool Down:

Low Dolly x 15

Crunchy Frog x 15


Tons of workouts tomorrow, check the daily MECA newsletter for a list. Sign up here if you’re not getting them:

Mud Run on October 24th: sign-up now! Deadline is Sept. 12th. Even if you don’t have a team sign up and we’ll form teams with guys in the region. Here’s a link for more info which includes the registration link: http://f3nation.com/2015/08/18/fall-2015-mud-run-pre-blast-registration-now-open-and-closes-on-10032015/.

Mole Skin:

Great working out with you guys this morning, a small and quiet but dedicated group. I haven’t done a tabata in a long time and am glad I was able to introduce something new that hopefully we can repeat. It’s a great high intensity workout. I also liked the cirucit that was in a straight line, you ran past other guys more often and could give encouragement. I did find out that the tunnel and other side of the road are dark now that it’s not the middle of the summer so headlamps would be a good idea if we’re working out there in the future.

My favorite part was after when Piston said after 3 months it’s amazing how there’s still new challenges to take on and workouts to learn. This prompted a discussion of another workout: jugalug which to summarize involves carrying 2 milk jugs in pairs for the entire workout (look for a BB). The best part is Piston and everyone else was excited about taking on this challenge, I love to see the F3 crazy spread!

So Davis Lakers start saving milk jugs and hopefully we can get a Q to lead the workout soon.

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  1. Chicken Strip Post author

    Great working with you guys, great push by everyone, impressive work. I forgot to show off my Chicken Strip shirt which I remembered to wear. Sound off below.

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