Is that a ring or a watch?

7 brave pax (that did NOT include Schultz) ventured out to the Davis Lake AO this morning for a beatdown led by YHC.  Five arrived on time, two arrived late.  One of the late comers was driving like he was late while the other was driving like it was Sunday morning…I’ll let the pax figure out who is who.  Anyway, Schultz had been giving YHC a hard time about his weinkes saying veteran Qs shouldn’t need them.  I warned him that on the fly workouts can be worse so I showed up completely unprepared this morning…only to find out he either a) posted at another AO or b) fartsacked.  We will tell him about it later.  It went like this:

Warm Up Mosey

SSH x 15 IC
Cotton Pickers (NOT burpees) x 10 IC
Michael Phelps x 10 IC
MC x 10 IC

The Thang:
Exit, stage left to small hill close to clubhouse
6-1 Ladder of Jump Squats at the top and WWII sit ups at the bottom

Plank walk across the parking lot to the other small hill (all hills seem small compared to Capitol Hill).
6-1 Ladder of Mericans at the top, burpees at the bottom

Plank walk back across the parking lot (facing the SAME direction…thanks King Julian)

Mosey to the Playground and grab some bench
10 Derkins IC
10 LBCs IC
8 Derkins IC

I believe it was at this point that @Chicken Strip says it’s too bad we don’t have a fence with rails at this AO. I ‘catch his drift’ and instruct the pax to use the backrest of the benches for remaining derkins.

6 Derkins IC
4 Derkins IC
10 Derkins IC
10 LBCs IC

@Groove makes a comment about the ACC and how we don’t matter. YHC finds out he hates hand release mericans and still ranks @Dingo’s hand release merican beatdown as his least favorite…I will change that brother! But first…

10 Hand Release Mericans for @Groove

Short Mosey to outside playground wall

10 Inclined Mericans (or ICMs as coined by @Piston)
10 Plank Jacks (or PJs as coined by @Piston)
8 PJs IC
6 PJs IC
4 PJs IC
10 ICMs IC
10 PJs IC

At this point @Goose says that PLANK JACKS are his least favorite exercise. Be patient brother, there are plenty of exercises that you haven’t seen that you will hate WAY more than those…

Mosey back to the parking lot

A few of the pax thought it was time for Mary…silly pax.. Line up on the curb!

Burpee broad jumps across the parking lot
Lunge walks back
Partner push across the parking lot
Flapjack and push back

Homer to Marge Medley
Plank clock (NOW @Goose’s least favorite exercise…be patient and keep posting brother…)
12 o’clock mericans
3 o’clock right and left plank
6 o’clock mericans
9 o’clock right and left plank
Recover at 12 o’clock

Did anyone notice that we did not do that many burpees? Just sayin’

Lots of interesting conversations again this morning. How do we always end of on the same topics? The pax know what I’m talking about…

Strong work by all this morning. Great to see our youngest hate hate team up with our oldest respect and hear the hate hate comment on how strong the respect is.

Thanks to @Goose for taking us out and keep Hayden and our brother @S.T.R.U.T. in your prayers.

Mud Run is October 24th and F3 registration ends September 12th!

Happy Hour tomorrow? Carolina Ale House? 7pm?

Davis Lake t-shirt ordering is now closed. 26 shirts were ordered. Good work!

3 thoughts on “Is that a ring or a watch?

  1. Piston

    Great beatdown farm, glad to be back, those push’s with a 24 something were awsome, topped my heart rate up there and a nice way to sunset the work out
    They dont get easier but i am getting stronger
    Weve got a nice group forming here
    Now where RU gavel??? Seriously……. And Aaron, post to get your name!!!

  2. Piston

    Schultz, really this was built for you, a winkie free freestyle bootcamp, and some pretty awsome mumblechatter to boot!!

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