Week 8 Thunderroad Training at tradition!

Today the Full marathon “trainees” leapt into the double digits!  Some a little easier than others……

The Half Marathon “trainees” knocked out a solid 7 miles!  Some set themselves up for failure, but refused to fail! #ISI

From now on the Full marathon “trainees” shall be known as “Fullers” and the Half Marathon “trainees” shall be known as “Half’ers” as I am tired of typing already.

4 men, wait, 3 men(one was a no show, but more on that later) showed up at 5:30 to knock out a quick 3 miles;

Exit left out of Church and down to Trader Joes and Back.  Cinderblock, Landlord and YHC completed this leg.  Uneventful run, Landlord did most of the talking and it seemed like it was over before I even realized we were running.

We got back to the tradition AO and picked up Forgotten Jelly, Shazam, Blinddate and Coyote.  We were surprised not to see Urlacher.

Time to knock out 7 more!

Right out of Church, run up Prosperity Church, right onto J. Oehler, left at last roundabout, right onto ridge, left onto Highland Creek pkway, left onto the second Fairvista entrance, loop back around to HC pkway, back to Tradition AO

As we were heading back along the pkwy we saw in the distance a White Shadow!  Urlacher had overslept and ran to join us!  Apparently running alone sucks!  Thats why we run together brother!

We also had a drive by from @Buckwheat who offered to relieve us from this madness!!  No one took him up on this offer, though many thought strongly about it…….

It was a good run.  A lot easier than I thought.  Running with friends definitely makes it easier.

The moleskin;

  1. Great work out there men!
  2. Side note, Urlacher continued on and knocked out the full 10 miles!  Good work brother!  Set your alarm now!
  3. I made a poor choice of socks this morning and have some nice blisters on my feet…..For that matter I am chaffed raw also……
  4. Thanks to Cinderblock and Landlord for running 10 with me.  You guys are keeping me honest with my training and I really appreciate it!
  5. go get some sleep!  You deserve it!

1 thought on “Week 8 Thunderroad Training at tradition!

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice run this morning gents. I enjoyed it. Careful with those blisters dingo! Always wear the right socks.

    Also, my watch actually worked today!!! Still took a while to get the satellites, but at least it worked this time.

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