What happens at Davis Lake should DEFINITELY stay at Davis Lake…

YHC kept it simple this morning.  Little to no running and lots of second F.  Some was nice, some not so much.  8 of us learned a lot about each other this morning.  @King Julian loves Tim Tebow.  YHC is terrible at naming FNGs.  @Chicken Strip is good at unknowingly predicting what exercises I’ll do next.  Wake Forest University used to be in Wake Forest, NC but moved to Winston Salem YET continues to be called Wake Forest University (ridiculous/confusing).  Anyway, as far as the beatdown goes, it went like this:

Warm Up:

Mosey around the Clubhouse

10 SSHs
5 burpees
10 ISTs
5 burpees
10 MCs
5 burpees
10 Windmills
5 burpees
10 Michael Phelps
5 burpees

The Thang:
Partner Up.  As a group, complete the following:

Round 1
150 WW2 Sit-ups
100 Partner Derkins
100 Jump Squats
5 burpees

Round 2
150 LBCs
100 Dumbocrats (audible called to 50)
100 Lunges (each leg)
5 burpees

Round 3
150 plank jacks
100 merkins
100 Air Squats
5 burpees

The Arnold
Pretzel Crunch
1 min plank (elbows)



After Q’ing at Skywalker last Friday, attending the Inaugural bootcamp at The Valley on Monday, Q’ing at RollingStone on Tuesday, and cruising at The Valley on Wednesday, coming back to Davis Lake felt like coming back home this morning.  The pax greeted me the best way they know how.  With PLENTY of mumblechatter!

I learned that either King Julian has a vivid imagination, or he does not mind sharing ‘interesting’ details about his doctors’ visits.  You had to show to know…although you probably don’t want to know. #sketchydoctor

I appreciate the attempted jab from @Schultz about my printed out weinkes and how I shouldn’t need one at this point.  Trust me brother, you would much rather me plan the beatdowns in advance.  The ones on the fly are usually worse.  Plus, notice how quickly my BBs go up?  Straight from the weinke.  #bestpractice

I think my favorite part of the workout was when @ChickenStrip said, “Well, at least we aren’t doing dumbocrats and starts describing them to @Mother Goose.”  I proudly showed him what was next.  Dumbocrats!  I loved it, pax hated it.


Mud Run sign up is from now through Sept 12th to get the F3 Discount.  Talk to men at workouts, form a team, and sign up.  Talk to @ChickenStrip for details and look for his pre-blast.

Davis Lake t-shirts are on sale through 8/24/15.  Go get one!

12 thoughts on “What happens at Davis Lake should DEFINITELY stay at Davis Lake…

  1. Dingo

    I have never done a “Dumbocrat”??

    You should teach @Chowder your technique for posting backblasts!

    1. Chicken Strip

      The key part of that word is Dumb. Picture partner mericans except instead of doing them apart one of the partners has his feet on the back of the other partner and you’re doing mericans together. Or just envision lots of pain.

  2. The Farm Post author

    Great seeing you men this morning. Remember, there is a kettlebell option at @Tradition tomorrow as well as bootcamp options @The Valley and @SkyWalker, MECAs newest AOs. Reach out to me if you have questions about any of those. Sound off below!

  3. Chicken Strip

    Great workout @The Farm, although I wish I wasn’t as good at predicting the next exercises. Probably one of the most intense workouts that involved no running and I missed out on 20 burpees!

  4. Chicken Strip

    Also great working out with you @Mother Goose even if you did go to UNC! You took on those Dumbocrats like a champ, pretty soon you’ll be leading us in exercises!

  5. Coyote

    @Farm make sure you explain to the guys at Davis Lake that if they come to Kettlebells, they should bring a kettlebell that’s actually difficult to complete the exercises with 🙂

    1. The Farm Post author

      @DavisLake men, this is a great example of what I like to call electronic mumble chatter or e-mumblechatter for short. Do not mind Coyote. 30lb = 15lb to him. Don’t need my 10 key to figure out that’s wrong. Using a KB that’s 1/5 of your body weight is perfectly acceptable!

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