Liquor Store, Church, Liquor Store, Park; in that order

4 PAX ran for the bottle, then the bible, some went back to the bottle, then everyone crashed at the park.

6-milers @ 0515 – BRRos Glass Joe & Double E with Capri

4-miler @ 0530 – Chum (Yep YHC ran solo)

PAX post times in comments section for benchmark.


We ran. Some faster than others. YHC’s diminished speed (2 years no distance running) reminded him why he earned his moniker. Hope those bears dont come back to Mint Hill on Thursdays. Double EE gear was in full throttle and even able to pull along Glass Joe.

Capri pointed out that Mint Hill is all hill. It’s a steady climb from the park to town center then back down to the liquor store. Then repeato to get back to the park.

All in all the course is simple and effective. Herein lies its beauty. With many options along the way to spice things up in the future. This is definitely a keeper course for future #runningbears.


5 thoughts on “Liquor Store, Church, Liquor Store, Park; in that order

  1. Chum Post author

    Being out of running shape totally sucks, but it will come back. I didn’t even make it to the Store. I got to Wendy’s before I turned back.
    Thanks Capri for the run-a-long.
    3.35 mile @ 35:05 – 10:30 avg pace
    Way off my past paces of 8:30

  2. Glass Joe

    I did 6 miles at 8’02/mile. I think I could tell FastTwitch and your Lap Me if You Can Wednesday was working on my legs. Great stuff and glad I could make it today. Thursdays have normally been my rest day but I fartsacked on Monday so Thursday was available. With school starting back, I think my Tuesdays at FastTwitch are done so will try to make Running Bear more in it’s place.

  3. Double E

    I logged 6.2miles @ avg pace of 7:29 / mile – 46:25 total. My goal was a 7:30 pace this morning so this was pretty close although I had to run a bit faster my last 2 miles to get there! This is a great route to run for a faster run aside from a few stoplights. Tell you what though, 0515 was a great starting time to have plenty of time to cool down and get some good stretching in. Thanks for the lead on that Chum! I could use that a lot more after these runs. What do you think about “5th and Run”?

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