Beware of Q with clipboard! Army PFT.

A month ago or so, I read the backblast from Tradition where Skipper had done this with the PAX, 33 strong.  Seemed like a great way to get an appreciation for the fitness of our men in uniform, and also a way to measure progress in how our individual fitness is improving.  So this is the stake in the ground.  Army requires minimum to pass basic training (anyone in military can elaborate).  Actual requirements based on age.  See link for the details:

13 PAX showed up in the gloom to put themselves to the test.  It went something like this:


Warm Up:

Mosey to circle by the dragon, doing karyoke, running backwards, butt kickers and high knees.

SSH x15

Mountain Climbers x15

Windmill x15 (not the Storm Trooper Windmill)

The Thang:

Partner up.

Max out army-style situps in 2 minutes.  Knees bent at 90 degrees, partner holds feet.

Partner switch.

Max out merkins in 2 minutes.  Upper arms parallel to the ground.

Timed 2 mile run.

Start from about half way between dragon and picnic tables, and run to Harris Road Middle School track, 4 laps around and back to start.


(name,situps,pushups,2 mile time)

  • Drummer Boy,53,46,17:25
  • Fratelli,17,34,21:26
  • Hula,40,65,21:23
  • Kato,0,0,17:39 (sorry, #horribleHandwriting – I hope its right)
  • LawDawg,34,56,20:00
  • Marie Callendar,50,61,16:46
  • Pox,58,47,16:47
  • Quidditch,38,44,16:18
  • Schnitzel,34,44,14:45* (shortened route)
  • Sparknut,57,76,14:52
  • Stretchy,46,50,21:10
  • Sugar,39,60,16:22
  • Whatley,55,74,17:10

YHC’s route was cut short as he realized his iPhone would lockup and all sprinters would have same time as the Q – not good.  So he cut off route early to unlock phone #equipmentFailure.


Victory lane while PAX finished:

LBCs x15

Low Dolly x15

Star Gazer x2


YHC major goof by not counting off and not going around for name and age.  Must have been dizzy from the PFT.  Nonetheless you know your own age so you can measure against the army charts.  Hope to do the PFT again, Veterans Day would be appropriate, to measure progress.

Always enjoy leading you guys.


Mud run registration deadline coming in September, for October run.  Anyone welcome, can put together team or sign up individually to get placed.  (Sorry, Kato, I didn’t catch all the others, but please post.)

Quidditch leaving for school this weekend – wish him well, and M and I are immensely proud of him.


5 thoughts on “Beware of Q with clipboard! Army PFT.

  1. Pox

    Pox score (58-47-16:47) = 79-71-68 = 218 = Pass! (I can’t wait to redo this in a month when I move up to the next age bracket, score should increase)

    Nice work to all the Pax.

    Prayers out to Schnitzel and his M on big changes in a few short weeks and god speed to Quidditch on a new adventure in life – sounds like an opportunity to bring F3 to a new AO!

  2. Pox

    @SparkNut: strong on PU and blazing fast on run, it was a dark morning, you headed out with the first group and I never saw you the entire time

    @Whatley: crazy number of PU, thanks for helping me pace on the run, I was slowing down till you passed me on the track

    1. Schnitzel Post author

      @Pox, love the plan for improvement! Actually MC and I pass by virtue of being able to do any, as the charts stop at age 47! I’ll drink to that.

    2. Sparknut

      @Pox: thanks for the encouragement, it’s beasts like yourself that keep me pushing for more

      @Schnitzel: great idea this morning, I’m looking forward to seeing growth with everyone the next time we do it, thanks for gathering and posting all the data

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