i wonder how far we ran, let me check my watch…

12 men showed up on this humid morning for the first Valley cruise. YHC picked a really easy route so even people like @Farm wouldn’t take a wrong turn. It went something like this.

The Thang
– Started at the school and went down the Hill of Shadows
– turn right at the bottom of the hill and followed the greenway to the end
– turn around and head back to school for a total of 4.1 miles

– Dingo has always pointed out how quickly his TomTom watch picks up the satellites. I typically ignored it, but not today. Garmin let me down today.
– Apparently we ran 3.75 miles instead of 4. YHC mapped out a 4.1 mile route. I think it’s because @Dingo turned everyone around a little early. YHC went back for the six a few times, so I got my full miles in.
– Hope the ankle injury isn’t too serious @coyote.
– It was a dark and humid run this morning, but I like running on the greenway. I hope everyone else does too. Plan to always have a headlamp with you on these runs. It will always be dark.
– Nice push out there this morning @innkeeper. And welcome aboard.
– Thanks to @ManDown for sending me the names. And I guess I should thank you for having me run the hill twice. You did it at least twice, so it’s the least I could do.

36 thoughts on “i wonder how far we ran, let me check my watch…

  1. Dingo

    I wasn’t feeling it this morning……but all the randomness made the time fly by!

    1. Jelly waiting 10 minutes for his Garmin to pick up a satellite! #tomtomrocks

    2. Urlacher suddenly realizing he is leaving his baby with a hungry Dingo pack every day

    3. Jelly getting angrier and angrier about his watch

    4. A massive owl swooping down to try and pick up The Farm!

    5. Jelly getting even angrier about his watch

    6. Man down sending Jelly back down the Hill Of Shadows to collect the 6……(who was already at the top)

    7. Jellies head bursting open from all the blood rushing through his veins

    Welcome Inkeeper!!

    1. Forgotten Jelly Post author

      I totally missed the owl! That would have been great to see. And yes, my blood vessels were ready to burst. Damn watch!!

  2. Man Down

    Great running with you guys this morning! Cobains to Jelly for the unintended extra mileage. Your wife will thank me later though!
    Great to meet you, Innkeeper! Hopefully one of the guys got your contact info so you can get on the list. If not, you’re probably not reading this anyway.
    Wow, it was muggy this morning!
    p.s. That hill SUCKS!

    1. Forgotten Jelly Post author

      No worries brother. I actually joked with Blind Date that I was thinking about making us run that hill twice. Now I just did it for myself. You did it twice because you’re crazy and ran to the workout.

    2. innkeeper

      I’m on here now… so I am reading it. Nice meeting more of you this morning and thanks for not leaving this six in the dark.

      1. The Farm

        Welcome InnKeeper! That was not an easy run but you stuck with it. Trust me, it’s much easier running with other people. Especially when you see machines like @ManDown run in for a cruise…lots of motivation out there to keep going.

      2. GentleGrizzly

        @InnKeeper – I enjoyed the 2nd F this morning. Keep posting brother, as we say “The workouts don’t get easier you just get stronger” Aye!

  3. The Farm

    I’ve done portions of that run many times by myself and it was always harder than it was this morning and I never got that far by myself during my pre-F3 days. Thanks for the push guys!

    My Garmin picked up a satellite immediately. #usererrorbyjelly? #maybejustthewatchnotthebrandsucks? I’ll give you a break since you picked up the six several times AND ran the hill twice. You are strong Jelly!

    Also, you guys could’ve warned me about the owl!

    1. Forgotten Jelly Post author

      No, not a #usererrorbyjelly! It just takes forever for my watch to find the satellites.

      Sorry I missed the owl incident. That would have been hilarious to see.

      1. The Farm

        It didn’t really try to grab me. I didn’t see it either. That is just @Dingo being @Dingo.

          1. Man Down

            Definite eye contact. It was easy to see with those big owl eyes. Farm, be glad that Dingo and I were right behind you. Otherwise…

          2. The Farm

            If it were going to swoop down and pick me up, the least it could do is drop me off at the top of that hill.

        1. Dingo

          Hey! I have never exaggerated a story in my life! And that owl was at least 500lbs!! And 20 ft wide!!

  4. The Nanny

    Great start to your #Cruise guys. You picked a notable day to launch – the three year anniversary of the Highland Cruise!

  5. BlindDate

    Not to beat a dead horse, but it was very humid down in that valley. Running up that hill once for me was plenty. Still like running the greenway though.

    @Jelly – You definitely got in an extra mile plus so there is a positive that came out of that. How many miles did your watch say your ran?

    @Innkeeper “Brad” — Welcome aboard.

      1. The Farm

        Keep telling you guys…my GARMIN worked flawlessly this morning. Forerunner 220. Go get it. I saw someone wearing one during the Spartan Sprint this spring and it withstood mud and being submerged in water.

          1. BlindDate

            Does @TheFarm work for Garmin? The Forerunner 220 is twice the price than the TomTom GPS Watch.

            I will admit that @ManDown has a valid point in that the RunKeeper app is a free option…. but he did say that it is mandatory to invest in a fanny pack if you go that route.

  6. BlindDate

    FYI – As Jelly found out today, Tom Tom has their regular GPS watch on its website for $99.99 (it was $129.99 when I looked two weeks ago). They are also on Amazon for the same $99 price.


    1. Man Down

      TomTom? Garmin? Save your $99.99 and just download RunKeeper for FREE! It’s been tracking miles for me for over 3 years.

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