The Modified Vern

10 PAX including 1 FNG braved the drizzle and posted in the Parking Lot.  Flag was planted.  YHC decided the DAM will have to wait.  The Modified Vern would be the Workout.


SSH x 15
Cherry Pickers x 15


.75 Mile run (It was probably a little shorter than that, will adjust for next time)

10 Carolina Dry Docks (No pull up bars at AO)
200 yard run
20 Dips
200 yard run
25 ‘Mericans
200 yard run
30 Little Baby Crunch
200 yard run

Repeat (Goal is 5 sets)

.75 Mile Run


Homer to Marge
Flutter Kicks
Hello Dolly
Mason Twist
Pretzel Crunch
The “W”
Crunchy Frog


1.  Great work by all today.  No one stopped.  45 minutes of elevated heart rate

2.  @Piston’s Fitbit clocked in just under 3 miles.  If you’re able to get through all 5 sets, you should be over 4 miles for the workout

3.  Welcome Jonathan.  @TheFarm will have to get you a name on Thursday.  Thanks for making the trip @Etch-a-Sketch.


6 thoughts on “The Modified Vern

  1. The Farm

    @Schultz. You are welcome bro! Seems like the rain just won’t let up for your WIB. I say a) we do something else if rain will affect us being able to do it or b) do it anyway! Good to see S.T.R.U.T. Was out there. We were just talking about how we haven’t seen you!

    Welcome to FNG Jonathan. When you started talking the other night, it was too good to be true, brother. I’m glad Emily made sure you came out! @Schultz, did he mention that he’s a Tarheel??? Come back Thursday for your name!

    1. Chicken Strip

      You’re another Tarheel Johnathan?! I take back all the nice things I thought and said about you…Great another Tarheel…

  2. Chicken Strip

    Nice job @Schultz. These are my favorite workouts where you keep moving the whole time and get an intense workout. Thanks for being voluntold!

    Nice to talk with you @FNG Jonathan and @Piston. I’ll try to be more consistent, I miss the workouts as I noticed by how I felt out of shape, but I really miss the F2 with you guys.

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