Worst. Disclaimer. Ever.

11 pax met up at Veteran’s Park in Hill this morning for a large sampling platter of workout options.


Warmup: quick mosey around parking lot followed by the worst disclaimer in the history of f3 (see below)

10x windmills

10x hillbillies

20x side straddle hop

15x 4-count burpees


The Thang

“Kick the curb”-

grab a piece of curb and do the following exercises:

30x calf raises

100 x dips

20 x two-footed curb jumps

15 x decline mericans


“Kick the Table”-

in groups of 5 and 6, pick up a picnic table.

20x group table curls

15 x double step-ups per leg

30 x big dippers

20 x jump ups


“Kick the Wall”-

mosey to raquetbal court and grab a spot on the wall for a “Peoples’ Chair Relay”- each man take a turn running around while the other pax do air presses, squats, and curls


“Kick the Hill”-

mosey over to porkchop hill for a medium ladder- 7 to 1 mericans at bottom and 1 to 7 squat jumps at top. all pax who finished early did mericans until all were done.


“Kick the Q” (Mary)

Guantanemo bay- much groaning here

WW2 Situps x 10


Single leg flutter x 10 each leg

Russian Twists x 15

J-Lo’s x 10

LBC’s x 15



-Not sure if my brain hadn’t woken up or if O2 dep set in early, but I apologize for the worst disclaimer in the history of F3. Mostly consisted of incoherent syllables, pig latin, and sections of the Gettysburg Address…

-Prayers go out for Donut Hole being redeployed soon, props to the #2 being out in the gloom!

-Glad to have DropThrill not only present but hanging tough! Good to have you back out!


3 thoughts on “Worst. Disclaimer. Ever.

  1. Drop Thrill

    It was a nice surprise to see Donut Hole post this morning. He told me he probably could post when he was on leave. And his 2.0 Crazy Train was itching to get back out to F3 with dad.

    I obviously wasn’t coherent either Capri I don’t remember the disclaimer much at all except Swiss Miss chiming in about “I’m not a professional”.

    I was looking for the easy road back to recovery, I guess I should’ve chosen The Matrix instead… (waits to see if Young Love or Hops reads this). LOL

  2. Tough Skins

    Great workout Capri. Love the curb work. My group on the table curls made it more into a sinking ship!

    It was an honor to finally meet Donut Hole and Crazy Train. Thank you for your service and thank you for the long distance encouragement even before worked out together.

  3. Donut Hole

    I know I’m maybe a lil late to comment on an old workout, but wanted to say it was nice to get back out in the gloom and Crazy Train sends his regards as well! Thanks for the pain brought on by Capri! I laugh at the back blasts when I read them when I’m not able to post, but this time I wasn’t laughing and I kinda enjoyed the pain! Kinda funny how that works….. Till next time

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