Thunder Road Training – Week 7

6 Men showed up this morning for a little step back in mileage.  We are training over a 20 week period, so this allows us some flexibility in our training and the ability to give our bodies a break.  The guys training for the full locked out 9 miles last weekend, but this week we dropped back to 6 miles.  Which was actually a nice thing to do.  I never thought a 6 miles would be an “easy” option for me!  The power of F3 😉

Just as the 6 of us were about to leave, a red BMW pulled into the parking lot.  No one recognized the vehicle.  Out jumped Seeker!  We commented that his new ride is sweet!  He said its not his, its the FNG’s who is actually driving it.  Out steps the FNG.  We ask Seeker if he knows what type of workout this is?  He looks at us and says “yeah, a bootcamp”.  We laughed.  This is a 6 mile run brother.  The look on his face was almost as funny as the look on his FNG’s face!  But off we went!

Different side of the tracks this morning.  We turned right onto Prosperity Church and the LEFT onto DeArmon.  Down to the first neighborhood on the left.

This is where we turned back to pick up the 6, Seeker and his FNG, but they were no where to be found??  Seeing as though it was a simple route so far, we presumed that they turned around.  YHC checked on Seeker when he got home and yes, they turned around a knocked out a solid 4 miles!

We continued on, weaving through the hoods until we emerged onto Browne Rd.  Left onto Browne Rd


YHC will never run on this road again.

Left into Brownes ferry.  Wind through the hoods and emerge out of Wellington on to Prosperity and back to the Church.

6 miles

The almost run over moleskin;

  1. Great work this morning men.  I could see a few of us, including YHC, were struggling early, but all finished strong!
  2. Great to have @Landlord join us for the first time!  He took the 6 in his stride and should definitely be running the Full marathon with us!  But his 1:00am texts to find out what time we are running leave a little to be desired……#readtheemail
  3. Coyote may not have run the 6 miles at his Old Glory 7 min/mile pace, but he is knocking these runs out like a newly wed on a honeymoon!  Oh, and he smiled this morning 😉
  4. @Urlacher, @Cinderblock and @Blinddate are just getting stronger each week!  No complaining from these men, they just knock out whatever is required of them!
  5. Great job keeping the 6 with us!  #nomanleftbehind