Can we go run some hills now?

YHC had been to this AO twice before today.  If you haven’t been there yet, just know it has LOTS of hills.  I mean LOTS.  So I thought it would be a challenge to deliver a solid beatdown without running hills even though I enjoy them as much as the next man (I hate them but they’re good for me).  I’ll let the pax be the judges on whether or not I succeeded.  It went as follows:

Warmorama/The Thang:

Mosey to end of parking lot and back

10 x SSH IC
5 burpees
15 x IST IC
5 burpees
15 x MC
5 burpees
15 x Windmills
5 burpees
10 x mericans IC
5 burpees
10 jump squats OYO
5 burpees
10 lunges each leg OYO
5 burpees
10 x LBCs IC
5 burpees
10 x reverse crunch IC
5 burpees
10 x mason twists IC
5 burpees
Homer to Marge Medley
5 burpees

Slow Mosey around the island

Jack Webbs

Partner Up (3) and Line Up on opposite ends of parking lot

GRINDER TIME (in honor of the Master Q)!

One man runs in between, relieves the man he reaches, and the relived man starts running.

Round 1:

CDDs on one end
Air Squats on the other end

Round 2:

WWII Sit-ups
Bobby Hurleys

Slow Mosey around the island

Jack Webbs

10 Burpees
10 x Manmaker Mericans IC
10 Mericans OYO


Seal team sit ups
Pretzel Crunch
Plank Jacks
5 Burpees


Burpeeless Moleskin:

It was a pleasure Q’ing this morning. I was talking to Gordo after the workout about how quickly these new AOs are growing. The more men that are doing this, the more it will spread via word of mouth which means more men will do it which means…you get the idea.

In case you weren’t counting, we did 150 merkins and 70 burpees. Strong work! Go tell your friends and co-workers. They will think you’re crazy but also be intrigued until the next thing you know, they’re sweating it out next to you at a beatdown!


The Murph is coming up in two weeks (the last Monday of the month)!  1 mile run, 100 pullups, 200 mericans, 300 air squats, 1 mile run. Great You v. You workout and great for measuring progress. Do it!

Saturday bootcamp at MCP @7am

This AO needs Qs.  Sign up to help them out.  Men who think they’re ready, talk to an experienced Q, and get signed up!

The Farm

3 thoughts on “Can we go run some hills now?

  1. Grinder

    @Farm, thanks (I think) for the lead today. Not sure how it happened but I think the burpees started to be fun toward the end. You didn’t quite avoid all the hills as advertised but you were pretty close.

    It was a great group of men out there today, lots of good 2nd F. I really enjoyed it.

    Sounds like Skywalker is going to have a strong showing for the Murph this month… looking forward to it!

    1. The Farm Post author

      Hey man, like I said this morning, if the pax considers what we ran to be a hill, they will be in big trouble at this AO.

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