Capital Hill Burpee Ladder

8 Davis Lake pax gathered for YHC’s one year anniversary beat down. I didn’t make it a week long celebration like The Farm and opted for just one boot camp workout to celebrate. Although my first beat down was over at Mallard Creek Park, I tried to incorporate some of the exercises Pharaoh put me through on my first workout mostly the Burpee ladder with The Farm reminded YHC incorporated partner pick ups not throw downs.

Warm Up:

  • Short Mosey
  • SSH x 20 (IC)
  • Merkins x 10 (IC)
  • Mountain Climbers x 15 (IC)

The Thang:

  • Short mosey to playground
  • Partner up: Partner 1 does LBCs while Partner 2 does dips for 1 minute (switch)
  • Partner 1 does Air Force situps while Partner 2 planks on his feet for 1 minute (switch)
  • Mosey to Capital Hill doing 5 burpees at each light pole for a total of 25 burpees
  • On the hill: At the bottom of the hill: partner throwdowns, then Partner 1 runs up the hill and does burpees at the top while Partner 2 at the bottoms does LBCs when Partner 1 returns switch the partner throwdown positions and then Partner 2 runs up the hill and does burpees while Partner 1 does LBCs at the bottom. Ladder of 7 to 1 where each person completes 7–>1 of each exercise
  • For those that finished early a prize of bear crawls up the hill followed by crawl bear up the hill awaited
  • Mosey back to parking lot


  • Homer to Marge


  • Thanks for letting YHC celebrate his 1 year anniversary with you guys even if I have been AWOL for the last couple weeks
  • I told The Farm after the workout that I felt like I could’ve pushed the Pax a little more, you guys have gotten stronger and faster than I remembered, sorry I held you back. I looked up after planking at the parking lot and there was Groove and Preamble already there and everybody else wasn’t far behind. Impressive work everyone!
  • I was hoping to still see the meteor shower from the top of the hill but didn’t notice any, maybe we should’ve done more airborne mind benders.
  • YHC might have EHed a guy who was running with his M this morning, we’ll see if he shows later. We’ll EH the guy with the headphones eventually, today he was wearing a back pack that made it look like he was training for a ruck event


  • F2 event Sunday at 3PM at Crafty Beer Guys. Join for a chance to get together to hang out, M’s (wives) and 2.0’s (kids) are welcome! Beer, wine and maybe sodas are available and you can bring food or snacks or order a pizza  delivery. There’s indoor seating and corn hole too!
  • The Mud Run is coming up on October 24th! Termed the super bowl of F3 this is when F3 from all over North and South Carolina get together to take on a team based 6 mile 30+ obstacle mud course run by the Marines. It’s an amazing time to see 400+ F3 guys together for a ball of man, 75+ shovel flags, and to raise money for charity. Details about registration will be coming out soon, but you can start getting together teams and training now!
  • Don’t forget to get your Davis Lake T-shirt ordered by the 24th!

2 thoughts on “Capital Hill Burpee Ladder

  1. Chicken Strip Post author

    It was great to workout with you guys this morning. Hopefully I’ll be more consistent in the future, your improvement is impressive! Sorry I forgot the Chicken Strip shirt, I’ll be sure to wear it the next time I Q.

  2. The Farm

    Solid beatdown brother! The burpees are always a crowd pleaser. I remember a few things about that first workout. The ‘big’ MCP hill that we thought was crazy back then but I think doesn’t compare to Capitol Hill. @Pharaoh making us do double the trips up the hill than he’d planned. The Merlot spillage that resulted. The heart you had to keep going after said spillage. Being introduced to @Major Pain and the mumblechatter that comes with him.

    It’s been a great year! We need to do another Chicken Farm co-Q soon. Maybe one of our next Qs?

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