PVC arrives at Skywalker

1 Stoner and 13 Padawans ventured out in the gloom to see a slightly disoriented Q in a yellow mazda roll into the parking lot with only a few minutes to spare.  After a quick check with the locals on the AO, the workout went something like this:

Active Warm-o-rama

Slow mosey, toy soldier (with variations), inchworm merkins, atlas lunge, active elbow to ankle lunge, slow mosey to launch site

Mini ladder

5-1 burpees-squats ladder at lower to middle parking lot hill with the ascent being a crawl-bear (reverse bear crawl), plank-up

Mini mobility instruction

Pick-up PVC, mosey to middle parking lot, proceed with squat instructions: normal stance x2, wide stancex2, foot placementx3, ‘block the sunx2,’, normal squatx 3, 60 sec paleo squat

Pox’s PVC Pain

All exercises in cadence with PVC, led by the Q, Pax completes the exercise, drops PVC, sprints 25 yards, does 3 burpees, and sprints back (the faster you sprint and burpee the more rest you get)

  • Overhead Squat x 15
  • Press x 30
  • Good Mornings x 15
  • Front squat x 15
  • Thruster x 15
  • Active lunge press x 15 (RL)
  • Active lunge press x 15 (LL)
  • Pass through x 15
  • Overhead squat x 15
  • Sumo dead lift x 20
  • Press x 30
  • Thruster x 15


  • Circle Merk x 5
  • LBC x 30
  • Squirm x 30 (Marie Calendar lead)
  • Cross-fit sit-up x 30


The Moleskin

  • Thanks for the Skywalker Pax allowing me to lead this am.  I originally was planning a themed workout, but it didn’t come together in time so I pulled this WIB out and got to it (@poorplanning.com).  Great to see some old faces and lots of new ones.
  • The Pax worked really hard today, but could still use a bit of work on their mumble chatter.  Only Marie Calendar’s mouth was running (which insighted a few extra summo deadlift/squats)
  • If you are interested, here are some workout totals:
    • Burpees 51
    • Squats: 175
    • ‘Air’ Press: 210
  • A Padawan is a Jedi in training, at rolling stone we call ourselves ‘stoners’, I’m not sure what if the Skywalker Pax has a name, but Padawan seems to fit
  • Final note, crawl-bears up a hill are hard, but crawlbears up a muddy hill with little to no grass is basically impossible @slidinginthemud


3 thoughts on “PVC arrives at Skywalker

  1. Grinder

    Good lead today @Pox, I didn’t know what to expect when you popped your trunk open. Never has 2oz of plastic felt so heavy

    Crawlbear on the muddy hill was indeed ugly. 2 steps up, 1 slide back down

    Welcome Allstate! 60 marathons in 44 different states AND more on the way?!?! Tclaps!

    Sounds like @Herbicide is an HC for the Murph on 8/31, who else is in?

    1. Pox Post author

      Glad you enjoyed the weight of those pipes, just be warned there are some heavier ones out there in the MECA region, I think B.O.S. has one filled with water!

  2. Pox Post author

    T-claps to the newest named member, Allstate, he has probably run more miles this year than some of the Pax have driven! Respect-Respect!

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