Whatley Week, Round 1.

10 Stoners showed up for the first day of Whatley Week,  We had a pile of cinder blocks show up at our AO to partake in the fun.

We started with a mosey to the upper lot with some high knees and butt kickers.

Circle up

20 x SSH, 16 Windmill, 15 Cotton Pickers, 20 Storm Troopers

Partnered up and grabbed a cinder block and shared the load up the road to the middle school field.

Session 1:

P1 run the field to the fence and back and P2 lift the block and rotate until you hit

100 merkins, 150 cinder block curls, and 200 cinderblock squats

Session 2:

P1 hit the fence and back and P2 lift the block and rotate until you hit

100 block overhead press, 150 block squat swings, and 200 LBCs

Made it through and required 2 x 10 counts.     P1 and P2 muscled the blocks back to their final resting place… until Thurs. Circle up for Mary.

10 x low flutter and airborne mindbenders. Finally a jail break back to the lower lot and count off/circle of trust.

Yours in the gloom,


3 thoughts on “Whatley Week, Round 1.

  1. LawDawg Post author

    Thanks @Whatley, solid beatdown and the addition of coupons! (a/k/a cinder blocks).

    Talk of adding a Kettlebell workout. Mon or Wed is the best bet, but Fri is an option too. Sound off if you’re interested.

    Missing some familiar faces…@MattresKIng, we promise we won’t make you run.

  2. Kato

    Cinder blocks….nice. Hated to miss and hope you bring them back on Thursday.

    Just a thought: Highlands has a Monday kettle bell workout down the street from us and it’s also Eldorado/Murph day. Wednesday or Friday may be better days for a Rolling Stone Kettlebell workout.

  3. Schnitzel

    Also missing, Uggs, Loco, Peanut Butter, Blindside, Jackie Moon…
    @Whatley – well done, coupons expire Thursday at 7am?
    @Sugar – good partnering with you. Funny part of this workout is trying not to make your partner do too many of exercises. (But about half way through, it was enough to remember what count I was on, much less what count I started on.) Anyway, if you forget your own count, round up.

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