Running with the bears

This may be the first BB ever posted for the jaunts we’ve come to know and love as “Running Bear”

But what’s to tell this time around; it’s a running workout and we went running.


Mosey over to the baseball diamond
sprint to 1st
karaoke to 2nd
back-peddle to third
karaoke to home
repeato for 2 laps

gather round homeplate for some rockette like leg swings then . . .


2 by 2 YHC sent the pax, no one left behind, and the pairing is meant to control the paces to conversational speeds (approx. 70-80% of race pace). No Glass Joe AYG’s this time around. Time trials are for another post.

The goal is to run continuously for 30 min straight, distance irrelevant, out-n-back into the town of Mint Hill. 15 mins in turn around and return.


Russian Twists x25IC
LBC x10 IC
modified LBC
Protractor as called


YHC showed up with 2.0 in car (FNG Jeremie, F3 name = Fiver), planted the SF and waited. First Double E shows up and then Toughskins. After YHC made apologies to ToughSkins for the bruised ribs, TS shows us his mettle by jumping back in for his first jaunt since said injury.

Fiver had a rough time back in the saddle after 18 mos of not running to find his first F3 post at Running Bear but he never gave up. Double E mentioned something about a different beat then took off for the bank on the corner in his time limit, then repeato’d to pick up Toughskins on his return.

Thanks for the joining us today. Till next week, AYE!

Post your distance by landmark in the comments section, next time we try this, theĀ goal should be to beat that landmark.

7 thoughts on “Running with the bears

  1. Tough Skins

    I made it to the stoplight. Double E made it to the stoplight as well… a couple times! He kept coming back to check in on me. Thanks for keeping an eye on me Double E.

    1. Chum Post author

      It’s out there for us all to build up to. At this point, there is no way I could make 6.0 in a single F3 workout, but goal setting is definitely helpful.

      FYI – Devil’s Turn has two distance options at each workout. 6 miles (leaves at 515) and 4 miles (leaves at 530).

  2. Double E

    Great run this morning and the cool down stretching is much needed but seldom included! I am up for a 5:15 start to get 5 – 6+. The Vet is a great place to run and offers many options. Good work by all including Tough Skins. He was pushing and kept it going!! Good to see a 13 year old get up so early to put in a few miles. I am sure Fiver enjoyed every minute of it instead of the #fartsack!! Great job Chum!

    1. Chum Post author

      Thanks EE.

      This is all conjecture at this point, but I think having a regular time trial or distance trial (once-a-month) would definitely benefit whatever goals the PAX have. Since this is Capri & Toughskins baby, I’ll defer to their judgement.

      As always, it’s a joy & pleasure to workout with the PAX and AOs in and around Mint Hill

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