Hammer and Pony Boy, please return my frisbee

15 Pax gathered for another high humidity, low to mid 70’s beat down. Bulletproof disclaimer issued and workout begun.


The Thang:


Mosey to middle parking lot for Warmorama:


SSH x 20

CDD x 15

Windmill x 20

Merkins x 15

Mt. Climbers x 20


Proceed to bike racks at front of school. Proceed with following four station circuit:


-20 partner merkins

-20 partner dips

-20 leg throw downs (T bag optional but encouraged)

-15 jump squats

-run around parking lot

-repeat 4X


Proceed to bottom parking lot, two lines formed at bottom flights of stairs:


-reverse spider man merkins up first flight of stairs

-bunny hop to second flight of stairs

-reverse spider man merkins up second flight of stairs

-lunges to sidewalk

-30 air squats

-40 LBC’s

-repeat 2X


Mosey to Mary:


-pretzel crunches

-mason twist

-low flutter

-the squirm




-Overheard Chowder once say that a Q must never show signs of weakness. Shamefully violated that tenet on the second round of reverse spiderman merkins. Brutal.

-No sign of Gump since Q became marginally competent

-Placed my frisbee in the back parking lot for a set that we never got to. Went back later and it was gone. Hammer and Pony Boy, please return to me next week and get your own frisbee

-Was good to see sir mix-a lot run out of lame excuses and join us for a beat down

-See you men again in the gloom soon



1 thought on “Hammer and Pony Boy, please return my frisbee

  1. Charmin

    @ Glock – Great combination of exercises. Destroyed the chest muscles. I am still feeling it. Last round of reverse merkins was just plain cruel.

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