Bloody Mary

12 faithful ventured out to take part in YHCs 2nd Q.  Started by the wearing of the blood red shirt.  YHC happy to report none spilled.  The morning went something like this.. a few aubibles and darkness rendered the weinke less than useful… plan B.


Disclaimer Given


Mosey to lower lot and circle up


SSHx10 1 Merkin

ISTx10 2 CG Merkin


3 Wide Merkin

Cotton Picker X10 4 Bulldog

Merkin 10 slow Squats

The Thang

Indian run to haunted day care and circle up


15 Merkin

15 Squat

15 LBC

10 Burpees OYO (5 at top/5 at bottom)

Indian run to Outback {watch for cars}

4 corners

Rnd 1

30x CG Merkin

30x Mountain Climbers

30x Low Flutter

10x Burpees

Rnd 2

30x wide Merkin

30x Bobby Hurley

30x Superman

10x Burpees

Circle Up


12x Merkin

12x Lunge (4 count)

{note bad @audible.. follow the weinke: Hello Dolly and 10 more Burpees should have occurred here}

Mosey to parking lot for Mary

10x LBC

10x Pretzel crunch (ea side)

10x Flutter

10x Low Dolly

Some mumblechatter about doing these; Gentle Grizzly came to count

@audible 2… time for Bloody Mary, coined by @Dick Tracy

Bloody Mary – defined: following Mary with more pain

Each Pax grab a parking line

Plank walk out 5 Merkin

plank walk in 5 plank jack

plank walk out 5 mountain climbers

Pax line up 2x suicides (to next parking lines) 5 Merkins at each line

Airborne mind bender

Recover command given… followed too slowly by several Pax… so ….

IC 5 Merkins

Circle Merkin 2x


Thanks for the opportunity to lead and learn today.

  1. Pray for Landlords M and reschedule of eye surgery from Tuesday (not Aunt)
  2. Reminder Flash Mod 5K is this Thursday gun goes off at 6:30, address posted last night 9501 David Thomas Drive, which is the Corvian School sign to the start will be posted.
  3. For details on upcoming races “like”

9 thoughts on “Bloody Mary

  1. Maximus_MECA

    Thanks @bloodsport for an excellent beatdown. You definitely pushed us. Tricked me a bit too. We did Mary and then airborn mind bender and just when I was all relaxed you had us do another 5 minutes of exercises including plank walks!

  2. TripleThreat

    You definitely pushed me this morning, Bloodsport! Unforgetable game of “Q says”.

    Also, someone mentioned a free Panthers game tomorrow. Please advise of the details, i’m not seeing it online at all.

  3. Man Down

    Nice work Bloodsport! You were a commando out there with the verbal punishment for those of us who “recovered” before the Q said. Sorry sir! Cobains for taking off early. Figured I’d finish with The Precinct pax since they were in the area and I had to run home anyway. 🙂

  4. Bloodsport Post author

    Note the 5k tonight is on David Taylor

    Thanks for the feedback I was feeling it and made notes for improvement

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