Of Rocks and Reps

A dozen faithful men cast aside the fartsack and gathered in the gloom for what would become a multi-rep sweatfest with a little running just for fun.  Shovel flag planted, woefully incomplete disclaimer given (Buckwheat helped YHC clarify liability issues – leave it to a government employee to be concerned about such things) and we were off.


Mosey to rock pile to select a medium size rock for the pain that was soon to follow.  Then mosey back with said rock and circle up in the lower parking lot.  Normal no rock version of the following…

  • 25 x SSH
  • 20 X IST
  • 15 X Windmill
  • 10 x Merkin

With rock in hands or on chest, the PAX was given 1 minute to complete each of the following at his own pace…

  • Romanian deadlift
  • LBC
  • Calf raises

The PAX then gathered along the edge of the lower parking lot and partnered up for…


  • 100 x Lunge with overhead rock press
  • 150 x Merkin with one hand on rock (switching hand on rock every 10 reps)
  • 200 x Squat with curl
  • 250 x Bent over row

Partner 1 runs around 3rd light pole while partner 2 begins the exercises.  Partner 1 picks up where partner 2 stopped and continues the rep count while partner 2 runs.  Repeato until all 700 reps are done.  Those who finished had some extra fun striking the Heisman pose from side to side with their beloved sweat covered rock.

Mosey down path to return rocks.  On the path 25 low flutter.  YHC overheard some mumble chatter about a max reps for ab exercise and made mental note.  Mosey back to parking lot and circle up.


  • 15 x Pretzel crunch each side
  • 16 x Low dolly (1 over 15 reps to tool with the max reps mumblechatter)
  • 15 x Squirm
  • 15 x Reverse crunch
  • 10 x LBC
  • 15 x Plank jack

COT and a locked shields BOM


  1. Great work from each man this morning.  VT going to the team of Skipper and The HOP.  Tclaps to those two men for their investment in my fitness.  For years, The HOP kept me active prior to my first F3 post in April 2014.  Skipper was a constant encouragement as I was always bringing up the #6 those first few months in the gloom.
  2. YHC heard someone say (Schultz?) at the start of the THE THANG, “You can take the boy from the Highlands, but you can’t take the Highlands from the boy”.  I’ll choose to take that as a compliment if it was implying Highlands is known for a next level beatdown.  We do this BECAUSE it’s hard and strive for near maximum effort each and every #downPAINment!  If you don’t leave spent, you’ve spent your time poorly.  And please ignore the above rant if YHC completely misinterpreted the quote.
  3. Loving the 2nd F that is happening over these first two months at this AO.  Iron sharpens iron men!  Well done and keep beating down #sadclown syndrome.
  4. Tclaps to The HOP for destroying the flying attack insects in the rocks!
  5. YHC commits to posting at this AO more often as a member of the PAX and not just the Q.  It’s one thing to respect the Q, but don’t be so nice!  Mumble chatter is a beautiful thing.  All 3 of my 2.0s are of the estrogen variety.  So bring your best trash talk because the gloom is a welcome oasis of testosterone fueled banter.


  • When you pray remember…
    • George – Skipper’s uncle in Detroit nearing the end of his race
    • Eric – Piston’s son who has some decisions to make about his next steps in life
    • Strut – healing for knee and protection/favor with his upcoming move

Always an honor to lead the PAX!


6 thoughts on “Of Rocks and Reps

  1. The Farm

    Thanks for Q’ing today bro. Sorry that I missed it! I was thinking about you guys this morning…don’t worry. I did not fartsack! The Asheville boys are building something awesome up here.

    Skipper & Gavel sightings today?! Did Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster also post? All jokes aside, glad to see you guys back at Davis Lake. Now if I could just get skipper on the Q schedule again…

    Alcatraz, agrees as far as intensity and mumblechatter. Alcatraz and Skipper, you could probably tell since your last visit to DL, we are getting stronger in strength and mumblechatter. More intense beatdowns to come!

    1. Alcatraz Post author

      I’m a big fan of what is going down in Davis Lake! They are getting stronger and louder. Piston had some mumblechatter about having to count which affected his mumblechatter game. The fire is growing. Blaze on!

  2. Schultz

    Thanks for visiting today Alcatraz. The beatdown left little breath for mumble chatter, but I’ll try to step it up next time you visit.

    The quote was said by me, but it had nothing to do with the level of beatdown. I said it after Skipper called me out for getting a head start.

    Welcome back Preamble.

    1. Alcatraz Post author

      Thanks for clarifying Schultz. It’s official. Completely ignore #2 of the moleskin.

  3. Skipper

    Ahoy! Great being back out at #DavisLake. You men are getting stronger and growing in numbers. Enjoyed meeting @Groove, @PointBreak, @Gavel, and @Strut (I already knew the rest of you clowns).

    T-Claps @Alcatraz for the Q and for taking us out at COT! #manofpainandofGod

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