Hula’s Indian Burn


-Mosey to basketball court

-Circle up (Stretching)

  • Arm Circles (Small and Large) x 20
  • Calf Raises x 20
  • Arm Behind Back (Left and Right) x 20
  • Leg Stretch (Left and right) x 20
  • -Exercise
  • SSH IC x 20
  • Slow Windmill IC x 20
  • Cotton Picker IC x 20
  • Merkins IC x 20
  • Mountain Climber IC x 20
  • Imperial Storm Trooper IC x 20
  • Imperial Stretch Trooper IC x 20

Explained the Indian Burn- The group would perform an Indian Run on the Moss Creek Nature Trail in hopes of helping Sugar conquer his fear of the dark winding trail and nature’s inhabitants. Every time the Q was the last one in line he would call the group to halt and perform exercises.

  1. Carolina Dry Docks x 20, Plank Jacks IC x 20, Apollos Onos 20
  2. Sumo Squats IC x 20, Merkin IC x 15, LBC x 20
  3. On bridge (Inclined Merkins Middle Rail IC x 15, Dips on Middle Rail IC x 15, Inclined Dry Docks on bottom rail x 15)
  4. Slow walk (walking lunges, toy soldiers) followed by sprint back to picnic shelter
  5. At picnic shelter (Step-up each leg x 10, 10 Burpees, Airborn Mind Bender 10 count,
  6. the W IC x 20)
  7. Sumo Squats IC x 20, SSH IC x20, Carolina Dry Docks IC x 20
  8. Slow walk back to parking lot (Storm Troopers IC x 20, Apollo Onos Each Leg x20)

Announcements- T-shirts preorder ending Friday, get em while the getting is good, 2nd F tomorrow night and Grinders house 8pm-10pm

 Prayer Requests- Lift up Happy as he celebrates his Birthday this weekend by having a colonoscopy. Will be praying for you brother. Also lift up Marie Calendar and his family as they lost his grandmother yesterday. She was 97 years old and is now running with Jesus.

 Ended with a reminder about the preciousness of life; never look past the moment. Christ commands us not to worry about yesterday or tomorrow, but keep our eyes focused on Him and His Kingdom TODAY. I want to encourage each one of you that God has put you in the exact situation you are in for a particular reason. Never overlook or dismiss anyone in your life. There is always someone in need and someone whom we can pour our love into, just as God has poured His love into us. Seek Him and His Righteousness and He will add everything to us.

 Here is a clip from the movie “The Impossible” ( which Hula and His M watched on Sunday night. We never know when it is our time to go, when everything can be stripped away from us. Make this day the best you can, love and cherish those whom God has put in your path.


6 thoughts on “Hula’s Indian Burn

  1. Pox

    Hula, sorry to miss the burn. Was up and ready to go this am in the gloom, but my back had other plans which has required pain killer. Hopefully will return on Thursday. I did however order two shirts, looking forward to getting them dirty.

    1. Hula

      @ Pox, sorry to hear about the back issues. Glad you will be re-joining us again soon. This was one of those workouts that “looked good” on paper, but sucked the life out of me, especially to lead. Thankful for the brothers who encourage me to keep pressing on!

      I am hoping Sugar overcame his fear of the trail!

  2. Schnitzel

    @Hula, well done.
    @Stretchy showed major motoring during jail break to the picnic area.
    @PAX, I picked up copy of Freed to Lead, written by F3 founders. When ordering shirts, put a copy in your cart. Good, easy read.

    1. Stretchy

      @schnitzel … it felt good til my hamstring reminded me I had a birthday last week.
      @Hula … great job today, I always like the words of inspiration.

  3. Marie Calendar

    Nice job, Hula. Thanks for the kind words about Mamaw, I will see her again some day.

    I can promise the nature trail will be part of my next Q…

  4. Sugar

    Enjoyed the workout Hula! My fear of the the ‘spooky greenway trail’ is gone. However, I’m still afraid of PAX who turn an Indian Run int an Indian Sprint!

    I echo Schnitzel on Freed to Lead. Every PAX should read it. It talks alot about why we do this and why we need this. It felt like it was written specifically for and about me.

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