Respect: Happy Birthday Marie Calendar!

Posted on behalf of Sparknut.

It all began with a beautiful blood moon but no blood was shed- maybe some tears. One of our faithful, Marie Calendar turns the big 50 Saturday, so Respect/50 was the theme of beatdown.


*Mosey around the front parking lot and to the basketball court with skips and toy soldiers.

*Find some wall

*Crack to the back (opposite of balls to the wall) for 50 seconds with a 5 second drop at the end

*People’s chair with 50 air press in cadence

*People’s chair with 50 can can single count



Mosey back to the upper parking lot


The Thang: Circle of Respect

*10 Burpees on your own

*20 Imperial squat troopers in cadence

*30 SSH in cadence

*40 LBC on your own

*50 Line hops on your own (over and back is 1)

4X (needed one more set)


Mary #1:

*15 Mountain climbers

*15 LBC

*15 Pretzel crunch left

*15 Pretzel crunch right


Respectful Marie Calendar run to the Middle school and around the stone


Mary #2:

*5 Homer to Marge

*15 Low flutter

*15 W’s

*15 Mason twist



Dang! I thought we were going to run out of time. Next time I’ll make sure we get 5 sets in. Thanks LawDawg for letting me take the Q.What a pleasure to lead this morning. I hope everyone got as much out of the beatdown as I did. Hula, good reminder about the benefit of the group to push ourselves harder than we would on our own. There are other men that need this as much as we do, so let’s be faithful to share it. Sometimes it takes persistence to convince someone to do what is good for them. Go for the EH! I am very thankful to LawDawg and Gump for not giving up on me.

Marie Calendar, thanks for your continued leadership by example. Happy 50th! It’s great to see you new dudes staying at it. Great job Happy and Fratelli! Way to push.

Pray for Watley’s mother-in-law.

Announcements: Tshirts, Q signup, 3-45 (workout, prayer time and sharing, bible study) at Christian Brothers @ 6:30am Sat, F3 dads Sat at Mallard Creek Park 7:00. Children of all ages welcome. You’ll make it through with them.

6 thoughts on “Respect: Happy Birthday Marie Calendar!

  1. WaterBoy

    Sorry to miss fellas. Totally fartsacked. Looks like I need the vacation. See you guys in about 2 weeks.

  2. Schnitzel

    @Waterboy – we figured you were suffering from CBW like the rest of us due to the Monkey business from Tuesday.
    @Sparknut – well done, I was wooped half way through the warm-up. At least MC won’t have a birthday for another year. I haven’t made up that missed burpee from last round – may wait until tomorrow.
    @PAX – stay tuned for next Schnitzel Q. See from Skipper at Tradition, planning this Army PFT in a few weeks. Includes max merkins in 2 mins, max Army situps in 2 mins, and timed 2 mile run.

  3. Sugar

    Happy B-day, @Marie Calendar!! Not sure if this beat down was in celebration or punishment! Either way, I hope I’m fortunate enough to keep it up and perform as well as you when I turn 50! (I mean at F3 workouts, of course!)

    Don’t feel sorry fellas, I wish I had missed it too! (not really – #gluttonforpunishment)

  4. Marie Calendar

    Much appreciate the recognition in today’s workout, Sparknut.

    Thanks to all the Stoners who have been so supportive as I enter the twilight of my life.

    HA, just kidding about that last part, I feel great (other than really sore) and plan to double my current age before checking out and going on to Glory.

    PS to Sugar- I still do OK in the other area, too. Old but not dead.

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