F3 Boondocks …No Technology Needed

“After several generations of “technological progress,” in fact, we have become a people who cannot think about anything important. How far down in the natural order do we have to go to find creatures who raise their young as indifferently as industrial humans now do? Even the English sparrows do not let loose into the streets young sparrows who have no notion of their identity or their adult responsibilities. When else in history would you find “educated” people who know more about sports than about the history of their country, or uneducated people who do not know the stories of their families and communities?” – Wendell Berry

From 5:30a – 6:15a …we’re all luddites during that time frame.

The Thang:

Rail walkie walkie

Warm-Up Lap

•SSH x 20 IC
•Imperial Walker x 15 IC
•Monkey Humpers x 15 IC
•Merkin x 10 IC
•Mtn Climber x 10 IC
•Russian Twists x 10 IC

Stairs, Lunges x 8

Karaoke Marathon

Dips x 20, Derkins x 10 (x2)


Plank while chatting with a nice old lady

11’s (Pull-Ups; Swerkins)

People’s Chair

Mosey 2 Mary


*Ichabod would have loved this workout.  It had all the accoutrements of a Michigan State style workout!

*RevRun would’ve hated this workout, because last night the tribe lost to to the Royals and he would’ve been too depressed to enjoy it.  …Also, he generally isn’t a fan of 5:30a workouts.

*Blue Suede Shoes LOVED the workout.  He called it, “the best workout in the history of all workouts!”  But you know how Blue Suede Shoes is always positive about everything at 5:30 in the morning, so it’s hard to know if he really meant it.

*Shazam – I learned – is spelled with two “a’s” not three.

4 thoughts on “F3 Boondocks …No Technology Needed

  1. Ichabod

    I probably wouldn’t have been welcome at this workout as I always have my fit bit running, iPod attached to my arm, headlamp on my forehead, and moisture wicking clothing.

    I’m assuming you did away with all technology for this workout and went commando?

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