Taking it back to childhood

A little light on numbers this morning, but what we lacked in numbers was made up for in sweat.


  • Mosey a bit through parking lot, making our way to the walkways in front of whatever building that was.
  • Shimmy up and down walkway, hands and feet on rails, mosey back to start
  • Move up and down ramp again squatting down and through each opening in the railings
  • Mosey around parking lot a bit and circle up near the Po-Po
  • SSH x20
  • Windmill x10
  • IW x19 (Deuce messed me up with the counting)
  • Mtn Climber x20
  • Mosey up the steps to touch the gym door and then over to the playground

The Thang

Assign an exercise to each individual.  Person 1 and 2 begin and continue the exercise until person 3 (the timer) returns from their run across parking lot, up steps, and back.  Rotate after timer gets back.  Rinse and repeat the workout before moving onto the next.

Workout 1

1. Step ups – on balance beam/bar

2. Chin ups – on vertical monkey bar things

3. Timer run

Workout 2

1. Squats – drop your caboose to the balance beam/bar

2. Dips – using the steps up to the slide

3. Timer run

Workout 3

1. Lunges – just use the bark, don’t get picky

2. Merkin with donkey kick – feet on swing

3. Timer run

Workout 4

1. Plank – bark it

2. Modified pull up – vertical monkey bar things

3. Timer run





1. Glad to have Moot Point (that was what we decided on, correct) join us for his first post.  Tried to think of a good connection to Mike Myers but couldn’t get anything.

2. Sorry about the EC at the end.  I guess that’s what happens when you’re using the sun as your watch.

3. Hate to miss out the next two weeks but I’ll be back in August, ready to go.

1 thought on “Taking it back to childhood

  1. Deuce

    Great lead, Ichabod. The pullups just got harder and harder. We definitely don’t do enough of those on a regular basis.

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