“FINALLY…a little mumblechatter!”

YHC was running a little late this morning….well, late for the new, punctual Farm and early for the old, habitually late Farm.  Anywho, as I arrived with one minute to spare, I spotted 10 other Lakers…I hopped out of the car with 30 seconds to spare, grabbed my weinke, planted the shovel flag, then off we went!

Warmorama/Extended COP/The Thang:

Mosey to end of parking lot and back
10 x SSH IC
5 burpees
10 x IST IC
5 burpees
10 x MC
5 burpees
10 x Windmills
5 burpees
10 merkins
5 burpees
10 jump squats
5 burpees
10 lunges each leg
5 burpees
20 LBCs
5 burpees
10 reverse crunch IC
5 burpees
10 mason twists IC
5 burpees

Partner Up and do 1 minute of Army Situps AMRAP, flapjack, repeato.
Partner Up (two groups of 4, one group of 3) and Line Up on opposite ends of parking lot

One man runs in between, relieves the man he reaches, and the relieved man starts running.

Round 1

CDDs on one end
Air Squats on the other end

Round 2

WWII Sit-ups
Bobby Hurleys

Starting laying on back (head facing towards and away), laying on stomach (head facing towards and away).

Mosey to tennis court fences
10 Prisoner Squats
Flapjack. Repeato.

Jack Webbs in the sand

Seal team sit ups (crowd favorite)
Circle Merk




T-shirt design submissions are due this Friday, July 24th.


1) The group was a little more talkative than I expected and I love it.  Seems like once Piston got guys going during the COP, there was no stopping the pax.

2) Speaking of not stopping, King Julien still holds the crown for fastest man at Davis Lake.  A few of us tried to catch him, but it didn’t happen.  He even pulled an Usain Bolt type move during the last sprint by looking me in the eye as he passed me.  #davislakerabbit

3)  Good to see more men regularly posting.  EH your friends/neighbors.  AND if your neighbors show up, recognize them.  #lookingatyoupiston

4)  We learned today that several of the Davis Lake Pax were eligible for Division 1 Women’s Basketball teams in college.  #confused.

Great push today men!  Thanks for allowing me to lead!

The Farm

4 thoughts on ““FINALLY…a little mumblechatter!”

  1. The Farm Post author

    No matter what happens today, you’ve already accomplished so much by just getting out of bed and working to become a little stronger than you were yesterday. Sound off below!

  2. strut

    I was hoping The Farm lost the notebook of papers he brought out this AM….the team persevered and will live to chatter another day

  3. Piston

    Solid beatdown today Farm, i am almost afraid to say thIs but i enjoyed the “relatively” non running event, heart rate still got up ther in the fat burning mode, and those burpies, while i still need to modify they were , lovely!!!
    Well lovely is not really true but they get the heart rate going
    Once again i trashed out preambles car with sweat drippings
    STRUT, dude strong work today brother, appreciate your positive attitude!!!

  4. Piston

    Looking forward to thursday, bring it brother Farm!!!
    Speaking of bring it, if you still have some of those scones, just saying……

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