Chelsea love/hate rekindled

Q disregarded his own idea of parking in lower lot so had to be fetched politely by Stretchy.  Thanks.


Mosey up to big lot, throw in some toy soldiers, lunges, high steps and butt kickers.

Circle up for some slow warmup:

SSH x10

Mountain Climber x10

Cotton Picker x10

Windmill x10

SSH part 2, faster x15


Mosey to picnic tables behind school for a little Chelsea revival, expectations of coffee and doughnuts was soon dissolved.  One of my first workouts at the Stone was Oct 2014 when LawDawg introduced the Chelsea.  Don’t think we have done it since, until this morning.

One minute for:

5 dips

10 merkins

15 squats

repeato x 30.

Back to parking lot, where some teenagers kindly made a nice circle with their tire tread.


LBC x15

LowDolly-Box-Flutter x30  (10 low dollies, right into 10 flutters, right into 10 box cutters, feet stay off ground)

Star gazing x1


@Pax, always look forward to Tues/Thurs.  Everybody pushed through this morning even with the thick air.  Hats off to Marie Calendar & Co at the far end for skipping the break on the last set and going right into the dips.  I was just glad to not spill Merlot on my own Q!

Prayer Requests

  • Surgery recovery for Stretchy’s brother.
  • People of Chattanooga – friends and families of victims, but especially for Waterboy’s family, as he is from Chattanooga.  Assailant lived 1 mile away from his parents, and bowling alley he frequented was right across street from recruiting office.


6 thoughts on “Chelsea love/hate rekindled

  1. Marie Calendar

    Thanks for the Q today, Schnitzel. You represent us old(er) guys well. HA

    Did we really go through the reps thirty times??

  2. Stretchy

    Great Q today and thanks for the prayers. My brother is a diabetic and had his pinky toe amputated due to infection. He is feeling better but a lot of recovery ahead.

    Fitness is only a part of getting healthy, make sure you get an annual exam from your primary care physician. And if dont have a physician, find one.
    (stepping down from soapbox)

  3. Sugar

    Good Q today Schnitzel! Nothing like 30 min of painful, repetitious monotony to beat you down! I would have never guessed those numbers above, actually better that we just found out.

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