Build up those shoulders

20 men came together on this humid morning to work on their shoulders. It went like this:

– SSH x 15
– IST x 15
– Cotton Pickers x 15

The Thang
– Indian run to business park
– Snake run through the buildings
– 10 muscle ups to enter
– 20 dips
– 10 muscle ups to exit

Indian run to white fence
– 8 derkins bottom rail
– 5 derkins middle rail
– 3 derkins top rail
– 5 derkins middle rail
– 8 derkins bottom rail

Mosey to church for Mary
– LBCs x 20
– Homer to Marge

– Way to push this morning everyone. It was a humid morning, which made it that much harder.
– F3 Dads will be on Saturday, August 1st. As Buckwheat said, Tradition is responsible for hosting it. The workout will be at 7 at Mallard Creek Park. Dingo and Buckwheat are Co-Qs. Bring your 2.0s. It will be a lot of fun.
– F3 family cookout will also be on Saturday, August 1st. It is from 11-3 at Winchester Pool, aka Dingo’s pool. BYOB and BYOM (meat). Also, see who will win the biggest splash, Dingo or Buckwheat.

8 thoughts on “Build up those shoulders

  1. BlindDate

    Enjoyed the workout but the humidity was unreal. I’m not sure how much of my shirt was saturated with sweat and how much was just the humidity. After doing 160 muscle ups, those derkins were a struggle. Was just crossing my fingers that my arms didn’t give way.

    Big shout out to LAM !!! Bah!

  2. Kemosabe

    You were not lying about the running. I liked how you approached me telling me that at 5:28 am as if I were going to be scared or something.

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