12 PAX converged on a muggy morning to test their BRR running legs.

The workout was simple: Ramp AMRAP

– AYG to North Deck

– AYG Up the Deck Ramps

– AYG Down the Deck Ramps

– Repeat Until 6:07

– AYG Back


-We did this because YHC wondered what it’d be like. Now we know.

-Great effort put in by all. Some lapped some (or all) of the field. Some held their own. Everyone gave their all… least YCH thinks they did. It’s hard to tell with Frodo as it always looks easy start to finish for him.

-Continued conversation (again) about Shazam’s sweater.

-At least two casualties this morning: Ironhide’s blister and Pharoah’s truck battery. Hope both worked out OK by now.

-Winnebago was the smart one starting out shirtless. Somewhere during the workout, YHC counted 7 shirts hanging from the deck entrance wall.


– Continue to pray for Col. Mustard’s 2.0. Lord willing, he should be coming home soon.

– Those seeking more fun should check out Gnarly Goat’s Noda Power Hour tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “AMRAMP

  1. Winnebago

    Missing man is @Gamma

    There wasn’t a way this wasn’t going to be hard, but it was harder than I thought. I would imagine great for BRR, as it is a consistent climb and breaks for PT. @Frodo @Magnificent and @PomPom awesome work, you really set out a blistering pace Amirite @Ironhide? But seriously sorry to hear about your blister you were just about to make me a kill and then you were gone. Now I know why.

    Really great job by everyone, an hour of consistent up or down is hard on your body and hard on your mind.

    If you are able definitely go to the NoDa power hour tomorrow it is great training for BRR physically and also mentally. It is similar in time and distance to what I am guessing a lot of BRR legs are. Because it is a shorter loop than today you keep having to get your mind set for the next climb. The hill is steeper than most others you will encounter.

  2. Shazam

    Second week in a row that was a total grind for me. Running on tired legs that aren’t used to it is just brutal (#BRRPreview). Seriously good work across the board… I was dragging and thankful for some #2ndF to push through (@Bling). T-claps for taking the reigns @Kato. Gonna see if the body can handle another day of this nonsense with GG’s NoDa Power Hour.

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