A Muggy Muggy Muggy 9 holes

8 men posted. How does one preface what happens next? It was hot. It was hard. One left his dinner behind a tree. Everyone watered the grass with sweat. Everyone finished.

(YHC used a semi-canned warm-up for today)

SSH x20 IC
IW x20 IC

(YHC led the pax on a round of disc golf, F3 style, for 9 holes)

  1. 9 burpees
    Partner carry to the chains
  2. 8 burpees
    Partner carry to the chains (flapjack partners)
  3. 7 burpees
    Wheelbarrow (uphill) to the chains
  4. 6 burpees
    Wheelbarrow (downhill) to the chains (flapjack partners)
  5. 5 burpees
    Bear Crawl to the chains
  6. 4 burpees
    (somehow we missed a hole in the dark)
  7. 3 burpees here, 3 burpees at the end
    run (555 ft) to the chains
  8. no burpees
    Wheelbarrow 50/50 effort
  9. 1 burpee here, 1 burpee at the end
    Partner Carry 50/50 effort

(YHC audibles to Capri to lead the pax in 5 minutes of the Wall Ball court)

  • People’s Chair till the 6 shows up
  • People’s Chair + Air Presses (people’s count to 50)
  • Merkins x5 IC
  • Chinese Fire Drill (pax does the called exercise while each pax takes lap around Wall Ball Courts)



It was a simple as that. But simple is rarely ever easy. YHC twitter warned the pax the night before but 8 brave pax showed up anyway.

Due to daylight issues YHC audibled the order of the first few holes, figured partner carries were better suited to open and even ground. But doing wheelbarrows uphill on the third hole was too much and smoked this Q in less than 10 yards. The Capri/Chicken Fried dynamic duo was killing it on all the holes. Somehow YHC missed an entire hole in the gloom. Gonna have to go back and find it next time. Toolman lived up to his comedic namesake by trash talking the Q on hole 7 “I thought you said run?” Then came the wall ball court. Who knew air presses could be so hard?

Thank again guys for letting YHC run out front again. I’m sure everyone appreciates the slower pace.

Please step up to the Q. We’d love to see you bring it to the pax.

Chum Out.

7 thoughts on “A Muggy Muggy Muggy 9 holes

  1. Deuce

    This looks similar to the severe pain you dished out at Boondocks, but worse because of the hills. Glad I only had to experience it once.

    Did we have our first #Merlot spill? Awesome!

    1. Chum Post author

      The vintner shall remain unashamed but I wasn’t sure if my shoulder in the fireman carry did it or if the heat did it.

  2. Bolt

    Great stuff Chum. That was a great kick in the rear. The wheelbarrow uphill/partner carries did the trick. Sorry @9Volt, I was trying to get on his back for the partner carry and blindsided him like a linebacker knocking him off his feet. It was quite a sight and enjoyed a good laugh. Great work by all.

  3. Tough Skins

    I survived – I gave it everything I had, but I’m pretty sure the course beat me this time. That was TOUGH! Thanks for leading Chum.

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