Toxic Shock Therapy

THE THANG: (as best I can remember it!)

 Mosey to Capitol Hill.

  • Burpees x10 OYO
  • Wind Mill x10 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x15 IC
  • Imperial Storm Troopers x15 IC
  • Burpees x10 OYO

Merkin LBC Ladder on Capitol Hill, starting at 10 merkins at the top and 1 LBC at the bottom.  Quadraphilia up  the hill for a little added spice.  An audible was called after 4 merkins and 7 LBCs, in order to move on to the fun stuff.

Everybody to the rock pile for a coupon.

  • Full Curl x10 IC
  • Shoulder Press x10 IC
  • Skull Crusher x10 IC
  • Low Curl x10 IC
  • High Curl x10 IC


On your 6:

  • Chest Press x10 IC
  • Skull Crusher x10 IC

Return your rocks, and line up at the base of the hill for wheelbarrows up the hill for some, and bear crawls for others.  Back down, flip and repeat.

  • Dips at the top of the hill x15 IC

Mosey back to the clubhouse, with a brief stop at the tennis courts for some Partner Prison Squats.  Line up on the parking lot.

  • Dragon Crawl 20 yds
  • Frog Hop 20 yds
  • Ape Walk 20 yds

Circle up for some Sally.  This was a real crowd pleaser!!!  (in case anyone wants the song, it is Flower by Moby.)  You’re Welcome!!!!!!!


The Moleskin:

  • Thanks to The Farm, by way of Snake Eyes, for allowing me to Q at Davis Lake. I was a little nervous not having been to this AO at all, but it has so much to offer, and it doesn’t matter where you post in F3…it always feels like you’re at home with the F3 brotherhood.
  • SPECIAL NOTE: The Farm has his 1 year anniversary next week.  It would be great to see a bunch of Isotope guys come and support him!
  • Thanks to Gladiator for showing up late and blowing my “partner” plans. It never fails that I end up with odd numbers!  That’s OK…we more than made up for it.  I LOVE YOU MAN!!!
  • Gentle Grisly showed up complaining that he wasn’t feeling great, and ended up crushing it! That dude is strong!!!
  • UNSOLVED MYSTERY: who told me about Capitol Hill????????????
  • Piston hit it hard today, and was going home to do some Spring Cleaning without the M. His biggest concern was whether he would be able to lift his beer…priorities!!!!
  • This is a strong group of guys! I appreciate Piston saying this was the toughest beat-down he’s had yet, but The Farm’s eyebrows rose at that comment.  I’m afraid to see what The Farm delivers next Saturday!!!
  • PRAYERS NEEDED: King Julian’s neighbors had a baby born premature, and needs The F3 Nation’s prayers!

5 thoughts on “Toxic Shock Therapy

  1. The Farm

    Toxic, thanks for coming out brother! When the mosey went passed the clubhouse, someone said “Uh oh, I think he knows about Capitol Hill.” I love learning from Qs from other AOs/regions. I definitely learned some new exercises.

    Sally must be Mary’s angry sister.

    My eyebrows did raise after that comment. I’ll see if I can claim that title next week. I think @Dingo previously held the belt.

    Good seeing your guys. Strong work by all today!

    1. Toxic Post author

      I’m almost afraid to come out next week, but more curious not too! And anytime i’m compared to @Dingo favorably, that’s a good day!

    2. Toxic Post author

      I’m almost afraid to come out next week, but more curious not too! And anytime i’m compared to @Dingo favorably, that’s a good day!

  2. Blackbeard

    As tweeted, sorry for skipping out today. Hippie mentioned St Mark needed volunteers to unload boxes of rice and beans and I told my boys we should help. Turns out we weren’t needed so we worked out instead. After reading your back blast, I’m happy to report there were no burpees or merkins at the Jungle. Davis Lake guys are welcome over here next weekend if you want to avoid Farm’s pain train.

  3. Piston

    You would think after 59.5 years of life i would learn to kppe my mouth shut, when i commented that this was the hardest yet The Farms, facial expression said it all. I firure we are in a grand beatdown soon, bring it brother!!!
    There i go again
    Thx Toxic for Q’ing today and for those that are wondering i am able to tip a beer!

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