The Grinder Grinder

22 Gloom warriors rolled out of the cozy fartsack to play in the hills of Skybrook.  It’s early, dark, & humid- perfect morning for some hard work.  With 10 FNGs in the PAX, disclaimer was given and we were off.

  • Mosey around the parking lot, pick up 2 more FNGs along the way (FNGs now claim the majority)
  • Backwards run, dodge some curbs, Karoke, and circle up for:


  • Windmill
  • SSH
  • Cotton Pickers
  • Merkin
  • IST
  • YHC may have fumbled the cadence at the end here, shake it off, let’s mosey

The Thang

Line up along fence at driving range (nice view from here, especially upside down)

  • 10 x Derkins on lower rail of fence
  • 20 x Freddy Mercury
  • 10 x Derkins on the upper rail #CrowdPleaser
  • 20 x Freddy Mercury
  • Repeato

Mosey up Hillspring Dr to the hill by the cart path for:

  • 7:1 ladder
  • CDD at the top
  • Jump Squats at the bottom

Mosey back to parking lot and partner up, this is where the real fun begins.

  • P1 runs to the end of parking lot and back while P2 does exercise.
  • 100 Shoulder tap merkins
  • 200 Squats
  • 300 LBC
  • Repeato until time is called


  • Pretzel Crunch
  • Reverse Crunch
  • Low Dolly
  • The W

COT and Name-O-Rama

NakedMan Moleskin

  • FNG majority?!?!  Incredible.  Keep posting men.  You will get stronger.
  • It’s an honor and please to be able to lead a great group of men like this.  I hope you all got a solid workout and I hope you approach your day the same way you did this beatdown.  You guys all crushed it out there.
  • I think we might need a separate BB for Google’s naming process, it got deep.
  • Huge thanks to all the PAX who came out to support the new AO.  I think we have proven that there’s plenty of obstacles around to work with, now let’s put them to use.  Sign up to Q here.
  • Prayers for the families of the marines in TN who lost their lives yesterday.


5 thoughts on “The Grinder Grinder

  1. Kato

    T-claps to everyone who worked and promoted towards starting Skywalker. It’s great to see so many FNGs on a back blast. Welcome to F3 guys!

  2. The Force

    Strong push by the PAX behind a very strong Q, Grinder. Way to push everyone but not leave anyone behind.

    Always fun to post outside my normal radius. I’m not a runner and will never touch a BRR, but the BRRers could get some serious training out there! As you said – the hills even have hills!

    The ladder on the sideways hill burnt my legs for sure!

    Definitely the first time I’ve ever posted with more FNGs than veterans. Love seeing the growth and being a small part of it.

    Call, text, tweet, email, or whatever you have to do to keep the newest guys coming back, and EH some more. Share what we’ve all been blessed with. As Jolly Roger says, “Someone is praying for it right now.”


  3. The Farm

    10 FNGs?! That’s awesome! That AO is full of potential. I remember driving in and thinking, “I hope they don’t run is off here…” I’ll be back REAL soon 😉

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