Route 66 with a twerk

16 strong Harrisburg F3 Faithful posted this morning to get their kicks on… Route 66 was on the agenda. @Tumbler planted the shovel flag (where did that come from?) and the kicks were on. Here’s how it went down:


Warmup: SSH IC x15, IST IC x10, Windmill IC x10, Fingertip Merkin IC x10

Thang: Route 66 consists of increasing reps of an exercise from 1 to 11. YHC chose to use the light poles around the perimeter of HRHS as the stopping points… 24 light poles in total, but only 22 needed (skip the last two, as shovel flag is start/finish).

  • Rnd 1 = 8 Count Body Builders, Mountain Climbers
    • Early finish = 30 Merkins, Lunge walk back to #6, Finish circuit with #6
  • Rnd 2 = Carolina Dry Docks, Alternating Lunge
    • Early finish = 30 Merkins, Lunge walk back to #6, Finish circuit with #6

Jelly Legs (just in case the lunges weren’t enough) – 30 sec Air Squat, 30 sec Squat Pulse, 30 sec Squat hops forward/back

Mary: LBC IC x15, Heels to Heaven w/ Toe Touches IC x10, Squirm IC x15, Pretzel Crunch IC x15



  1.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead. It is an honor to lead such a great group of men.
  2. Strong work by the Pax this morning! Only a few exercises in the mix this morning, but all the up/down and run here/there catches up to you after awhile.
  3. Thanks to @Coppertone for the ‘Twerk’ reference during Jelly Legs.
  4. Special prayers for @SSMinnow, his sister, and their family!

Keep pushing – Clueless