Counting for Dummies

YHC guest-Q’d at Davis Lake this morning.  9 pax posted for a brutal beatdown.  This was a shameless rip-off from a workout Dutch put us through at the Precinct a while back who I believe also stole it from Pharaoh.  Here’s how it went.



Mosey, SSH, Hillbillys, IST, Cotton-pickers, Windmill


The Thang:

1-5 then 5-1 progressions of pain (1x first exercise, then 1x second exercise, then 2x first exercise, etc. all the way up to 5x, then 5x of each exercise back down to 1x).  Moseys in between each station.

1. CDDs and Plank Jacks

2. Slow squats and SSHs

3. Merkins and Mountain Climbers

4. Burpees and J-Lo’s

Lastly, 1:4 merkins and airpresses (1x merkin, 4x air presses increasing incrementally up to 5x merkins, 20x air presses)



LBCs, Pretzel Crunches, Mason Twist, Airborne Mindbender



1. It was a pleasure to lead the pax today.  This is a tremendous AO with lots of potential.

2. #tclaps to the pax for correcting me on my counting.  And #tclaps to Chicken Strip for reminding everyone that my normal job as a CPA is to ensure YOU are counting correctly.

3. Great to see Point Break out for his second post.

1 thought on “Counting for Dummies

  1. The Farm

    Missed you guys this morning but it looks like No H delivered a solid beatdown. I would’ve loved to have been there to heckle him.

    @No H, funny that you asked about @Chicken Strip on Tuesday and he came back for your Q. #missedyoubro

    I think I passed the APFT. Thanks for making me stronger!

    Good to see you came back Point Break! Looks like you’re officially as crazy as the rest of us.

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