It’s a New day and New AO! Welcome to Skybrook Boys…

29 eager PAX members joined in the gloom at the Skybrook Golf Club to start a new adventure in the MECA Region and we will call this on @F3SkyWalker minus the Walker since that AO was denied. I really wasn’t sure what to expect in regards to attendance so I did what comes natural to me, I had no plan and would adjust depending on the number of PAX. I was shocked to see the numbers at 5:21 as most men don’t arrive until 5:27 which I am sure will happen soon. Kind of like showing up to a new school or new job on the first day, ready and eager to start.


Run to the Big Park (that place needs a name)

COP on B-Ball Court (nice court by the way)

SSH x20
Merkins x15
IST x15
Windmill x20

Run on over to the pinic tables (those are some well built tables as there was no wobble)

4 Rounds of the following:
P1 Runs to Street and completes 10 Burpees
P2 Stays at Pinic Tables and completes 20 Step Ups and 10 Decline Merkins
(if P1 is still out then cycle through again until P1 returns)

Run on over to the soccer field (again, nice turf – this ain’t Highland Creek boys. Partner Bear Crawls will work well here)

Complete the following exercises arcoss the field with transition points
Exercise 1 – Lunges/Sprint/Lunges
Exercise 2 – BearCrawl/Backwards Run/BearCrawl
Exercise 3 – Plank Walk/Backward Run/Plank Walk

Run over to the Hill for and EVEN Ladder

10 Merkins at the bottom & 2 Burpees at the top with running the hill in between (increase or decrease by 2)
You are finished once you have completed 2 Merkins at the bottom and 10 Burpess at the top

Run back uphill to Parking Lot (that’s one hell of a hill)

Mason Twist
Monkey Humpers (not really MARY)

Bird-Chested MoleSkin brought to you by Skipper:
– What a great start to this new AO in the MECA region. 7 FNG’s in total, awesome! Now come back on Friday or make a stop at some other AO tomorrow. Check out for the schedule.
– I think I was a little hard on you guys today but I don’t think I feel bad though as you men held your own. Lots of Drive out there this morning.
– Hopefully next time I can just run around and provide some #mubblechatter. No Chopper, Chowder or Gump = Quiet.
– See you men in the gloom and Welcome to our FNG’s!

6 thoughts on “It’s a New day and New AO! Welcome to Skybrook Boys…

  1. Sugar

    Great workout today Col Mustard! Always look forward to your solid, well-lead beatdowns!

    Psyched about this new AO! Nice to have Wed/Fri options for us PAX North of HIghlands.

    Great turnout by all the FNGs – keep it up, you won’t regret it. See you all Friday!

  2. The Farm

    Great workout Mustard. I was surprised by the intensity given all the FNGs but they hung in there. It’ll grow quickly. I love the W, F bootcamp option.

    You guys have a signupgenius yet?

  3. Grinder

    As always, great lead today @Col. You definitely started us off with a bang.

    Great to see so many FNGs make it out of the fartsack this morning! I hope all you guys stick with it and make F3 part of your weekly routine. It will turn you into a better man. See you Friday!

    Huge thanks to all the PAX that came out to show their support today. I know F3 has had a huge impact in my life and I have all of you to thank for that.

    I think we just might be able to incorporate some BRR training into this AO. And you guys thought Skyline was a big hill, pff…

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