Ol’ Fashioned B-day Beatdown

11 Pax gathered together this morning to become a little stronger, a little more endured, a little better looking, and of course as always, a little smarter, for making the decision to avoid the fartsack and the turmoil that comes with that decision.  YHC felt a little different, in a good way, this morning too; was it from his Drs. visit yesterday resulting in good news? was it from the good rest he got last night? was it from upcoming days events that were so likely to take place…Probably all of that together, and also because YHC turned One Year older today. Many years and moons ago, his mother and father decided to grow their ever growing family by another, and the end result, was AMAZING; so anyways, here’s how the gloom was handled this very special morning…

disclaimer:                                                                                                                                              Warm Up:  Mosey to Prison yard for…                                                                             

  • SSH x 13
  • windmill x 13
  • a few various stretches that seem to always avoid this AO

The Thang:   4 corners of Love = 5 Rounds of 20reps(Rnd1)⇒15reps⇒10reps⇒5reps⇒20reps

CB=Cinder Block; LB= Linebacker

  1. CB Curls; CB Triceps
    1. Lunge Walk to next station
  2. Plank Jacks; Merkins
    1. LB Shuffle to next station
  3. CB Bench Press; CB Overhead Press
    1. Lunge Walk to next station
  4. Squat; Calf Raises
    1. LB Shuffle to next

REPEATO rounds through 5 of them/ time’s up.

The Old Mans moleskin: Being a Q is fun; I like getting people to do things my way, especially on My Birthday! You should try it, if you have not yet, birthday or not!  Thanks for following men on this extra special morning and letting me lead you! F3 keeps me young still, and I have much to look forward to this coming year and sharing more sweaty mornings with you!  Aye Mr.!!




8 thoughts on “Ol’ Fashioned B-day Beatdown

  1. Trail Mix

    Nice beatdown Prison Fruit. I must admit, I was wondering how intense the workout would be with all the slow-paced stretching at the beginning. But, once we got into it – well, let’s just say I can’t lift my arms (and I couldn’t the last round either!).

    Welcome to Switchback!

  2. Iron Wolf

    That was a solid beat down! I’m pretty sure our cinderblocks are heavier than Traditions. Also, shout out to Two-Face for lifting them things!

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