Mosey ’round the park

10 brave pax showed up today for a beat down and a tour around Davis Lake. No H is queuing on Thursday so we gave him a tour of the lake, the big field and everything in between.   Piston went through the entire workout without realizing that our Friendly New Guy (Dubbed Point Break henceforth) was his neighbor until Point Break told us his last name to help us figure out a nickname.   Piston:  “Oh, your my NEIGHBOR!!!!” Good times, he had us all laughing.

Warm up:
Mosey to the lake and back -high knees, Lunges, bear crawls
Imperial storm trooper

10 Burpees

10 Curl ups

Indian run to Field.

10 curb merkins (arm on curb) x 2 for each arm

Crab Walk down the hill

10 Burpees
10 Lunges
15 squats

Bear Crawls

Push pull with partner

Return to Playground – Indian Run

10 Burpees on playground

10 Partner sit ups

20 Lbc
10 pretzel crunch

Homer to Marge

10 Low flutter

20 Partner sit ups

5 thoughts on “Mosey ’round the park

  1. The Farm

    Good job by all this morning. Welcome to Point Break, our former FNG. When I first saw your name, I immediately thought of dressing since a) Ken’s is a brand and b) Peppercorn Ranch is one of my favorites. If I would’ve had more time, I would’ve come up with something related to that!

    Good job R2D2! Nothing like a few burpees to get the heart rate up. I think No H has plenty of options for Thursday!

    Piston, Preamble, and S.T.R.U.T., is it just me or are you guys looking leaner and getting faster and stronger??

  2. Preamble

    Great workout…really liked doing a lot of the ground work at the parking lot. Farm, I’m down 10 lbs plus I’m sure I’ve gained some muscle from the repeated beatdowns. Great to see yet another FNG there today.

  3. Bolt

    Thanks R2D2 for the kick in the rear. @No H great meeting you and looking forward to tomorrow.

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