Monkeys do fly!

23 Men came out for a beatdown, 1 of these men was expecting no running.  Unfortunately this fat Q is trying to lose weight, so running we did!

But it started off a little strange when a guy walked over to the “stretching” group(I use that term loosely) and introduced himself as “Hot Boys”.   So……the conversation kinda stopped……we explained that we are not that kind of mens group and he might be better off in the abandoned parking lot in Reedy Creek Park.  Thankfully GAM made fun of him for being an Oboe player and that brought back childhood bullying memories for hot Boys and all was good in the world of F3Tradition.

Disclaimer – Nope, didn’t see any FNG’s(But later found out there was one)

Mosey down to the daycare(Not the haunted one)(I have never hear someone complain so much about a little 400yd mosey @Coyote…….

  1. 20 x SSH
  2. 16 x Merkins
  3. 20 x IST
  4. 13 x Merkins
  5. 20 x Windmill
  6. 20 x LBC

Partner up

  1. Partner 1 does WWII Situps – AMRAP
  2. While partner 2 burpee broad jumps to the first island then sprints to the end and back
  3. FlapJack
  4. Partner 1 does Lunge Walk
  5. While partner 2 sprints to the end and back to partner
  6. Flap jack until you make it up and back with lunge walk

Mosey up to the Mansion Wall – some squats done to keep the 6 in line

So about halfway through this mosey we had to cross the road.  I’ve gotta say this, because every time I cross the road with an F3 group, its like they are doing it for the first time!!  They are so shocked when a car comes along that they start screaming like little girls??  Seriously!!  Ive been crossing roads for 37 years and would consider myself well versed in the art……but some of you guys??  LOL!!  I digress….

  1. Peoples chair – 1 min
  2. Balls to the wall – 1 min
  3. Peoples chair 1 min
  4. Balls to the wall – 1 min

mosey to the haunted daycare

one partner lunge walks across the lot

the other partner runs down and up the hill

flapjack until YHC says stop

Mosey to the golf course parking lot (we had to cross the road again!!!  AAAHHHH!!!!!)

  1. Forward backward run down the parking spaces
  2. Karaoke back down the parking spaces

Mosey back to the pull up bars (We didn’t have to cross the road…..what a relief…..)

10 x pull ups or 20 x Coyotes


  1. 20 x LBC
  2. 20 x Low Dolly
  3. 40 x pretzel crunch
  4. 20 x low flutter

The Not hit by a car moleskin;

  1. Always an honor to lead such a great group of men!
  2. Be careful when crossing the street – Look left, look right, look left again!
  3. Welcome to FNG grappler!
  4. Great to see some of the newer guys quickly becoming regulars!
  5. Lets hold GAM to his hope of losing 150lbs!  GAM, we got you man!  Keep coming out, those pounds will drop off!!



9 thoughts on “Monkeys do fly!

  1. Coyote

    Wow I feel honored to be called out so much! I feel like Jelly!

    For the record, I was just questioning your trustworthy-ness when you said yesterday there wasn’t going to be much running! That was the whole reason @GhettoD came out!!

    And I’m fine with having a full range of motion pull
    up called the Coyote! Better to have good form then to “complete” 10 regular pull-ups!

    1. Dingo Post author

      Dingoes are very similar to Coyotes……trustworthiness is not high on their personality traits 😉

    2. Forgotten Jelly

      Trust me, you’re no where near my level when it comes to being called out. You’re on your way though.

  2. Dingo Post author

    I hope you enjoyed the running, I was trying to give you a break before the PT test on Thursday!

    Will there actually be an @skipper sighting???

  3. GentleGrizzly

    Don’t forget the Haunted Day Care part of the morning. @Dingo had something for Day Care’s this morning. I saw some of those old glory days of a D1 lineman from GAM on that last sprint up the hill. Nice job brother. @Hot Boys – @Osceola and I want to make sure to tell you that you are welcome for the name.

    1. Osceola

      Sad I missed out on the fun. Posted to F3Davidson but won’t miss the fun on Thurs/Fri….Glad to see Hot Boys getting a warm reception. 🙂

  4. BlindDate

    Enjoyed it @Dingo. I was waiting for you to throw in the Air Presses during People’s Chair. Not that I was looking forward to it, but I was expecting it.

    Great to see some of the more recent faces continuing to post.

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