Davis Lake’s 1st People’s Q

As YHC was leaving the house this morning, I’d printed off two former backblasts.  One is one we’ve done before and another was Q’d at another AO this week. I knew we didn’t have an official Q signed up and wanted to be somewhat prepared.  However, as I parked, I noticed that half the pax that had attended the beatdown at the other AO were there!  It was decided we would have our first people’s Q.  It went a little something like this:

The Farm


Mosey to the back of the parking lot and perform the following

1 Burpee


2 Burpees


3 Burpees

MC X 10 IC

4 Burpees

Merkins x 10 IC


Mosey to the playground and partner up

20 Step ups each leg + 20 dips x 3 each. Plank while waiting for the six.

10 derkins + 10 merkins x 2 each.  Plank while waiting for the six.

Grab a rock you’ll be proud of

10 Shoulder presses

10 Goblet squats

10 curls

10 chest presses

10 sumo squats.


Tunnel of love for good measure.


Mosey to The Mall

Partner up and complete a circuit of three

Station 1 – 10 merkins, 10 squats then partner push/pull to Station 2.

Station 2 – 10 curl ups while partner planks while holding feet. Flapjack. Then partner push/pull to Station 3.

Station 3 – 10 Partner throw downs each. Push/pull back to station 1 and repeat the whole circuit while increasing reps to 15.  Complete the circuit a 3rd with 20 reps.

10 burpees for good measure


Mosey to the top of Capitol Hill

10 dips at the top, run forward to bottom for 10 Bobby Hurleys, then back up the hill (quadraphilia).



Mosey back to the clubhouse for Mary

The W, The Pretzel Crunch, Dying Cockroach, The Squirm, The JLo 15 IC

Airborne Mindbinder



Chicken N’ Biscuits


1) Welcome Bronco!  Strong work today brother!  Remember, the workouts don’t get easier, but you will get stronger!

2) Way to step up Piston!  That circuit was solid!

3) Even though I’m a planner by nature, I enjoy People’s Qs.  Especially when they are on the fly.  Amazing what we can come up with in an hour.


Army Fitness test at Tradition on Thursday.  There will still be a workout at Davis Lake!  You choose what you would like to do.  Both will be solid beatdowns!


The Farm

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  1. Bloodsport

    Think it was 10 dips and 10 bobby hurleys quadrophilia up the hill 2x then back for Mary…good work out today thanks @Dutch partnering up to work out

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