Grinding It Out At Mint Hill Metal

10 men decided to get out in the humid gloom at Mint Hill Metal and here’s is how it went down:


Merkins x15 IC

2 hand KB swing OYO

Mountain Climbers x 15 IC

Copperhead Squats x 20 IC

KB snatch x 5 per side OYO

AMRAP Circuit:(6 minutes per round)

Round 1: x3 clean & press per side/x5 Merkins/x10 2 hand KB swings

Round 2: x5 Rack Lunge per side/x5 Goblet Squat/x10 Good Mornings

Round 3: x6 Figure 8’s/x10 in each direction Around The World/x10 each direction Halos.

Round 4: x5 Lawn Mowers per side/x8 Upright Rows/x 8 Two Hand KB Press.

Grand Finale:

Descending Ladder:

x15  2 Hand Swing/x15 Spartan Burpee

x14 2 Hand Swing/x 14 Spartan Burpee

Idea is to keep going down the ladder until 1 rep of each is completed. We were short on time so I think most of us got to 10 reps of each.

It’s 6:15, we’re smoked and no time for Mary.


Great effort by everyone out there this morning. The two young men (Journey & Slider) really did well and pushed it hard. It was a rigorous routine so I hope everyone got what they came for. Swiss Miss and Horsehead killed it as usual and Horsehead didn’t pass out which is a good thing. This is a great site and Chum is doing an excellent job with it. It’s great to come out there and meet some new faces such as Toolman, Chicken Fried and Gaffigan.


F3 Dads at Panthers Training Facility in Charlotte tomorrow (7/11) from 1:00 to 3:00 part of the NFL play 60.

Sat. 7:00 at The Vet Deuce is Q

Wed. 5:30 Pile Drive Swiss Miss is Q.

Horsehead took us out with a great prayer.

Thanks me for allowing me to lead.







2 thoughts on “Grinding It Out At Mint Hill Metal

  1. Chum

    Great way to mix it up this morning. Im gonna have to get me some of those finger shoes that Chicken Fried was wearing. I got a nasty blister under the toe from all those merkins and spartans.

  2. Horsehead

    Nice beatdown Gullah. I sweated about 10 gallons, I think.

    Almost lost a toe on the figure 8 things. Thang be slippin.

    Caught one of the hate hates trying to change his name from Backslider to “Slider”, as he coolly slid it into the name o rama. Keep an eye on this one.

    – Horsehead

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